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Dated: Oct. 12, 2004

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Computer History:The Second Generation

And our next stop in computer history is in the early 1960's. There were a number of commercially successful second generation computers used in business, universities, and government from companies such as Burroughs, Control Data, Honeywell, IBM, Sperry-Rand, and others. These second generation computers were also of solid state design, and contained transistors in place of vacuum tubes. They also contained all the components we associate with the modern day computer: printers, tape storage, disk storage, memory, operating systems, and stored programs.

One important example was the IBM 1401, which was universally accepted throughout industry, and is considered by many to be the Model T of the computer industry. By 1965, most large business routinely processed financial information using second generation computers...

Computer History: Clones

And look what happened next!

In 1981, IBM introduced its personal computer (PC) for use in the home, office and schools. The 1980's saw an expansion in computer use in all three arenas as clones of the IBM PC made the personal computer even more affordable. The number of personal computers in use more than doubled from 2 million in 1981 to 5.5 million in 1982.

Ten years later, 65 million PCs were being used.

Computers continued their trend toward a smaller size, working their way down from desktop to laptop computers (which could fit inside a briefcase) to palmtop (able to fit inside a breast pocket).

In direct competition with IBM's PC was Apple's Macintosh line, introduced in 1984. Notable for its user-friendly design, the Macintosh offered an operating system that allowed users to move screen icons instead of typing instructions. Users controlled the screen cursor using a mouse, a device that mimicked the movement of one's hand on the computer screen.

And so, the computer history continues to evovle today. We all well know the computers nowadays. We are aware of the great usage and necessity of this amazing device.

For some of you the computer is a source of great amounts of information (or to be more precise -the internet), for others – a tool for doing their work, still others use it for gaming and so on and so on. And hopefully, you have learnt a few more things about the history of the computer, which may be helpful for you!

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