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Dated: May. 21, 2013

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Network Security

Everyday we use different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MSN, we write e-mails to co workers, we share pictures and documents, we use Internet banking, we buy things – the list is pretty long.

Most people are online so much, that they forget how much they really share with others, even unconsciously. Know that you don't have to be afraid that you are being followed on everything you do online, but you need to take care of  what you do, because you can easily get into trouble (like when downloading music and selling it).

In the following text you can find five basic tips so you can secure your privacy during using computers.

Lock your screen

Sometimes we forget the most basic kind of protection. We use complicated passwords, we code our disks, but when we step away from the computer (when we go to the bathroom), we leave the computer unprotected with anybody free to access it. If you are using Windows, just press the Windows key and the letter L to lock the screen, after which you have to input a password to continue working.

Estimate your environment!

Secure PC Privacy TipsYou can never be careful enough with the people that surround you and that may see something on your computer that they shouldn't. It probably happened to you that your boss suddenly enters your office and you are doing something you shouldn't. If you can, set your screen so it is available only to your eyes.

Use a VPN connection of public wireless access points

Did you know that when you are using http:// in your Internet browser, it is possible to see your complete internet history, including passwords that you put in.

The VPN connection is a way of using a protected tunnel during surfing in public places. That service is mostly paid, but there are free solutions (UltraSurf). In the worst case you should watch out that your Internet connection is enable through the https protocol,

Expect that you will be famous!

We know that this sounds pretty crazy, but you never know. Briefly, it is that everything you share (pictures, comments, likes) can be analyzed, searched an used against you. Not that you need to worry only about Internet search engines but also about the services you use (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…).

You need to know that someone with bad intentions can get to your pictures in just a few click, account number or home address.

Protect your hard drive!

This advice mostly stands for the users of portable computers. A lot of people have everything on their computer and its loss could bring big misfortune. The best solution is coding or encrypting the whole hard drive (for example the free program TrueCrypt).

We hope that this guide helped you!


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