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Dated: Dec. 07, 2009

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iPhone 4The new 3G Apple iPhone was released recently, to an audience who were pretty much on the edge of their seats with anticipation. The reviews have been largely favourable, with many bordering on zealous, such as the review by Alex Iskold on Read Write Web. In the review, which really isn't all that long, Iskold manages to tell us seven times that the iPhone is the new personal computer. In fact, according to Iskold, the new iPhone is the world's first really personal computer, and he seems pretty excited about that.

The new iPhone even has non-techies raving about its easy-to-use platform and wide range of applications. Pandora, the new music application that allows users to effectively create their own radio stations, has exceeded all expectations and proven to be the most popular application that Apple has in its vast and well-stocked stable.

Social media addicts will be pleased to note that nearly all their favourite sources, such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook and Flickr are available on the iPhone. Social networks that are not currently available are working hard to change their status, so expect to see the range grow as more and more companies clamber on the iPhone bandwagon.

Smart Phone, Fully Unlocked

The new iPhone has also kept up with the trend to optimise geographic locations for users. New applications are now capable of putting locations in context, so no matter where you are, you're never more than a couple of buttons away from the nearest restaurants, bookshops or theatres. And if you need a map to find these recommended destinations, the iPhone will provide you with that too.

The new iPhone has just about all the applications and features that anyone could possibly wish for, except, apparently, cut and paste. Some people don't really care too much for the readily available maps, social networking or video capabilities of the new iPhone; all that concerns them is that there is no copy and paste clipboard. According to John Gruber, it's not even a simple concern, but a burning question among iPhone users. A burning question that Apple product head Greg Joswiak addressed by explaining that Apple has a long list of priority features that they aim to introduce to the iPhone, and that they got as far down that list as they could with the new 3G iPhone. So basically, they'll get to it, they just have other things that they deem to be more important.

And in the grand scheme of emailing, text messaging, picture taking, photo managing, video capturing, music playing and location mapping, not to mention telephone calling, who can blame them for sticking cutting and pasting at the lower end of the to-do list?

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