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Dated: Jan. 23, 2013

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Some products persist on the market for a long time, a few years or a few decades (Rolls Royce)... Consumers get to love them so much that the manufacturers have to make new versions every once in a while to make them stay modern.

But, some gadgets live the life of a butterfly, after a few months they get pulled from the market, although they could have ended up different. The reason is dysfunctionality, badly placed marketing, or even unsafe use. Whatever the reason was, they didn’t bring enough money so they had to be removed.

That is the law of the market. We will try to prolong the life of these gadgets for a little bit, just so you can read this article about 10 most transient gadgets of the IT world:

Modo1. Modo
Life time: August 2000.-October 2000.
Price: 107$
The slogan under which it was sold: "The first device for social networking"
Modo was a kind of pager that informs the user about restaurants, movie theaters, the weather and similar information. Despite a strong marketing campaign in LA, New York and San Francisco, the gadget didn’t sell enough so it was removed from the market.

2. 3Com Ergo Audrey
Life time: October 2000.- June 2001
Price: 500$
The slogan under which it was sold: "Lifestyle organizer"
Why it failed: Although it was named after Audrey Hepburn (supposedly because of its elegance), it didn't gain her popularity – far from that. It is difficult to use, it needed an Ethernet dial-up connection... Anyway - now it's just a remembrance.

Apple Power Mac G4 Cube3. Apple Power Mac G4 Cube
Life time: July 2000.-July 2001
Price: 1600$
The slogan under which it was sold: "Future of the Power Mac" (ironic, isn’t it)
Why it failed: It seems that price killed this beauty. Also, it may have been a weak graphic card or the lack of RAM memory. Although this was the favorite product of Steve Jobs it barely survived all four seasons.

4. Microsoft KIN 1 and 2
Life time: May 2010.-June 2010
Price: 150-200$
The slogan under which it was sold: "Ultimate social media smartphone"
Why it failed: Supposedly, they say in Microsoft that they decided to focus on the Windows 7 mobile software, so they pulled it from the market (although you can still find a few of them in America). It seems that they wanted too much, started too much...

5. Gizmondo
Life time: March 2005.- February 2006.
Price: 400$
The slogan under which it was sold: "The most powerful portable gaming system"
Why it failed: One of the main managers and founders of the company was involved in organized crime and he was arrested. After that, they managed to publish only 8 out of the planed 16 games, and the whole thing collapsed soon.

6. Motorola Rokr E1
Life time: September 2005.-September 2006.
Price: 250$
The slogan under which it was sold: "First mobile phone integrated with Apple iTunes"
Why it failed: bad interface, lack of USB connections, small amount of memory that allows only 100 songs... Finally, it was pulled from sales when Apple turned to the development of the iPod Nano and the iPhone.

Life time: March 2006.-June 2008.
Price:500$ (player), $29.99—$39.99 (DVD)
The slogan under which it was sold: "Successor to the DVD"
Why it failed: HD DVD still lasted a pretty long time, over 2 years. It even lead the race with Blu-ray devices, until they got support from Disney and Sony. Also, the HD DVD players were too expensive, the sales was badly covered and that was it – bye bye HD DVD!

Microsoft Smart Display 8. Microsoft Smart Display
Life time:March 2002—December 2003.
Price: 900$
The slogan under which it was sold: "First Tablet PC"
Why it failed: The product was flawed and full of bugs, and the market just couldn’t tolerate that. Rest in peace Smart Display...

9. Palm Foleo
Life time:May 2007—September 2007.
Price: 500$
The slogan under which it was sold: "Laptop for your Smartphone"
Why it failed: Foleo was supposed to make the use of the Palm phone easier – receiving and sending e-mails, options for calendar organization, reminder. But experts said it was not functional and Foleo didn't celebrate its first birthday.

10. Data Play Discs
Life time: March 2001-October 2002
Price: 10$
The slogan under which it was sold: "CD replacement"
Why it failed: CDs were still cheaper. Besides, you had to do some unlocking a stuff to be able to record the disk – it is uncomfortable. All of that lead to weak sales and not making profit. The company bankrupted, and Data Play disk are gone with the wind.

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