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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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We've compiled a table of the most important marketing trends, below. A brief explanation follows of each trend.

In Out
CRM Personalization
Viralmarketing Tradeshows
Directmarketing SuperBowl advertising
360-degreemarketing Uncoordinatedmessaging
"Skyscraper"banners Standard-sizebanners
Measuringbrand awareness Trackingclickthroughs
MSPs Webconsulting firms
Subscriptionrevenues Everythingfree
Dept.of Commerce E-commerce Index Othere-commerce indices
Tellus what you really do End-to-endscalable, mission-critical solutions



There's no doubt in our mind that the catchall category of CRM, which is the science of maintaining a running dialogue withcustomers, is the wave of the future. CRM packages four of the Internet's inherent marketing strengths in a unified view: interactivity, measurement, personalization and real-time feedback.


Viral marketing

Hotmail proved that viral marketing could make you rich. This year, Budweiser's "Wassup" viral video vividly showed it couldmake you famous too. Word is that many consumer brands are exploringtheir own viral branding forays.


Direct marketing

The Super Bowl is out, direct marketing is in. The explanation issimple, going direct, either online or offline, allows for moreprecise targeting, a welcome attribute in a more bottomline-oriented world.



360-degree marketing

The combination of offline and online marketing gained much momentumin 2000. We see the trend accelerating, as more case studies likeAmerican Express' Blue Card (see below) demonstrate the power of360-degree marketing.


Skyscraper banners

The fact that we got a president from Texas suggests bigger will bebetter in 2001. And why not? Banners were designed to be small andefficient downloads. As a result, they don't have the real estate totell a more elaborate story. Skyscrapers (like the 140x800 bannersyou see at left) will proliferate rapidly in 2001.


Measuring brand awareness

Part of the move toward bigger banners is online marketers'realization that the Internet should not be the only medium whereresponse is the only measure of performance. We believe moremarketers will understand that enhanced messaging results in morebrand awareness, the ultimate gauge of success in a zero-bandwidthworld.



Traditional Web consulting firms are hurting. Reason: The first waveof marketers has their sites built and now seeks to amplify theirreturn on investment. That's where a new breed of firm enters thepicture. We call them Marketing Service Providers (MSPs). Expect anexplosion of these firms in 2001. Their forté is bringing thenecessary technical and results analytics expertise to therank-and-file of marketing.


Subscription revenues

It used to be that everything was free. But starting with the demiseof FreePC in late 1999, the folding of in Oct.'s closing this week, the Internet's "everythingfree" mantra is coming to an end. While examples of successfulsubscription revenue models are scarce, passed the 500,000 subscriber mark this June, we think Internet users should preparethemselves to pay in one of two ways, either via paid subscriptionsor with increased download times due to bigger/more involved ads(see "Skyscraper Banners" above).


Dept. of Commerce E-Commerce Index

We've noted a host of e-commerce indices, which like the market theytrack, are losing their luster. Luckily, we have the Dept. of Commerce index, which is based on actual online sales:

Quarter Total Retail E-commerce %of Total
Q4 1999 $821,351M $5,198M 0.63%
Q1 2000 747,934 5,240 0.70
Q2 2000 815,677 5,526 0.68
Q3 2000 812,008 6,373 0.78
Source:Nov. 2000 U.S. Dept of Commerce


Tells us what you really do

This might be wishful thinking, but as the tech set acquaint themselves with more traditional marketers, they will have to ditch the techno babble to allow customers to understand what they do. Then again, for some it's better that nobody knows what they do.

Now that you've gotten free know-how on this topic, try to grow your skills even faster with online video training. Then finally, put these skills to the test and make a name for yourself by offering these skills to others by becoming a freelancer. There are literally 2000+ new projects that are posted every single freakin' day, no lie!

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