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Dated: Jun. 09, 2012

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The following is a brief outline of the advantages and the disadvantages of Magento as a Shopping cart. It gives a detailed analysis of the reasons that one should choose Magento for, as well as things that they must be careful about while using Magento.

Having an eCommerce site is probably the best decision an online business can ever take. But which platform to have it on is quite the problem. Following is an attempt to help you resolve which one is it that you want.

The Positives:-

  • Magento LogoCustomizable:  The biggest advantage of using Magento Website Design is the fact that it is extremely customizable. It is compatible with any extension that you may require and most of the payment gateways. Many Magento extensions are available for free, but there are a few which are paid.
  • Quality: Magento website development is certainly a high quality platform. It constantly undergoes up gradation, so if you are in for it, rest assured that you’ll always stay ahead of line in terms of technology.
  • SEO ready:  The importance of SEO is not hidden from us. Magento Websites are by default implemented with SEF URLs and Meta data that boosts the web page rankings.
  • Open source- Magento is open source. Zend is a powerful framework, on which Magento is built. This allows for the owner to have adequate flexibility and the ability to adapt it as per your requirement, with a good Magento Customization team.
  • User community- Because of all the above mentioned advantages, Magento has a huge base of users, developers, testers, reviewers and service providers.  This base is still expanding. This means, this platform is yet to make many more features available both free and at a cost.
  • Multiple Features- Magento has all the features that you would probably be looking for in an ecommerce website, including advanced advertising and promotion tools. Magento websites are easy to sync with 3rd party services such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout, Google Website Optimizer, and PayPal Express, PayPal Standard, and much more!

The Negatives:-

  • Complexity- Magento website development is slightly tricky. Also it is exhaustive. Therefore, working with Magento can pose a difficulty. This means, customizing Magento will require a very good Developer who is an adept in Magento Customization. It will be a lot more time consuming than the simpler ones available.
  • Skilled Magento developers- As mentioned in the previous point, while using a Magento Website it is essential to employ very good Magento developers because of its complexity. However, to find a spot on Magento Customization expert or a good Magento developer is very difficult because they are only a handful.
  • Hosting server and Magneto’s performance: Magento is a big platform and very resource hungry. So, if you use a standard hosting package, it is likely that it’ll either crash, or be slow or degenerate with time. If you really want to use the Magento with all its features, it will be wise to have it hosted on a trustworthy hosting specialist or a dedicated server.
  • Data migration: Migrating data from any shopping cart to Magento is a very meticulous process which can take quite long. There are of course paid services which can take care of this for you. But they too will take time to get it done.

Having said this, it is undeniable that Magento is doing extremely well for itself because of the unlimited possibilities that it offers to its users. If the few disadvantages can be overcome, then it is surely one of the best shopping cart platforms.

Author Bio:

The article Written By Ellis McGrath. He is working with VITEB – Web Design & Development Company that Offers Magento Website Development & Customization, Wordpress Development & Customization, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development and Internet Marketing.

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