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Dated: Jan. 24, 2005

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By Phil Kent

Is wireless an okay way to go as far as integrity of the system is concerned?

Currently, they are safer than using a Cable ISP, because there are less people out there who have the tools to compromise your wireless network. However, this will not be true forever. Someone with the right equipment could drive around and break into many home wireless networks. This is not a concern for our family, because we live out in the middle of farm land. Anyone getting close enough to try and compromise our network would be very obvious. However, there are many youth breaking into home Wireless Network Securitynetworks when you are connected to your ISP. Most of them are youth and do not seek to harm, but want to explore and see what they can get into. You might occasionally become aware of this when you shutdown, and see a message that someone (or several some ones) are connected, and this will drop their connection. However, this message will also be generated, if one of the other home computers has been looking at the computer you are shutting down.

Also wireless networks only work at the 10 Mbits per second and not the 100 Mbits which is available via Cat cables. This should not be a problem for typical home network use though. I am considering wireless for my in-laws when they are staying in their attached home. It would allow them to print to our computers, share our ISP, and move files. I do have wireless on my new Compaq laptop, which I might use at future Compaq seminars.

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