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Dated: Dec. 09, 2013

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1. works in a way that it uses the transferring on big files and then measures how long it takes to transfer that file, thus telling you your bandwidth. This is pretty good, but the bad thing is that it can't measure your network latency. It also looks pretty cool.


This is a US government speed test. It is funded by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. it works in a way that it measures four main parameters in your connection which are your upload speed, your download speed your latency and your jitter. By using this tool to test your network you also help out the US government because they store their data and thus get a the general look of network speed and other parameters in an area.


There are several speed tests on this site. They have some that measure your mobile phone network speed and other that are for your computer. they have a Java applet that can precisely measure your network speed and they also have a pretty cool looking Flash app, but beware when using the Flash app as it can slow down your network and give you non accurate results.Internet speed test


There is a major difference between the other tests we mentioned in this article and this one. The difference is that this is not a webpage, it is rather a program that you can download and use offline. It was first created in Britain, and is now used all around the world.


This is a very popular speed test. It has been around for a long time as it is probably the oldest speed test on the Internet. It works in a way that it downloads a small image and uses that to get your network speed.


You can use this speed test up to three times a month and then after that you have to register for a small fee. It also works on the principle of downloading small images and then calculating your network speed based on the time it took to download the image. You can also compare your network results to the average of your location.


This speed test is mostly used in Academic circles. It was first designed by the Government to test for network issues. It measures your download and upload speed. It is based on Java.

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