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Dated: Nov. 27, 2013

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The way that computers work is that they use something called an Operating System, basically a platform in the form of a low level software which enables programers and other people to make other, more complex programs. A common misconception is that OS (operating system) software runs only on computers, but the truth is that it runs on phones, routers and other network devices.

Types of Operating Systems

The operating systems that people usually think of when you mention them are those who run on computers. They are called Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. There are also more specific types of operating systems that are used on more specific devices. They are called Android, which is used on mobile phones, DEC VMS, which is used in mainframe computers and Solaris, which is used in server computers. There are also some older, less known versions of operating systems that are no longer in use today as they were not very successful. Some of the more known obscure operating systems are Multics, Novell and IBM OS/2.Operating systems

Network Operating Systems

Also, there is something called a network operating system which is used to manage and make the networking of computers easier and simpler. The network operating systems usually contain the TCP/IP protocol stack and other programs. You can also find networking operating systems on mobile phones next to computers as they are needed to manage networking on those phones. They give the phone the ability to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

Some years ago one of the first Windows operating systems didn't have any networking support at all. The first time networking support appeared on Windows was in the year 1995 when Windows 95 was launched. ICS was first implemented three years later with the launch of Windows 98 SE. On the other Unix used networking support when it first launched.

Embedded Operating Systems

Embedded operating systems are created in such a way that you can't, or can but only to a small level, configure them. They are typically used in networking devices such as routers. They come to you with certain programs and servers installed on them but don't allow any further modification. Notable embedded operating systems are Cisco IOS, Juniper Junos and DD-WRT. You can also see these types of devices like mobile phones, media players and a lot of other devices as well.

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