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Dated: Mar. 27, 2013

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We have all heard about someone shopping over the Internet more or less successfully and we can just vaguely remember how it all works. This text will break some dilemmas and enlighten Internet shopping.

How to buy on the Internet

For the beginning, what we need to shop on the Internet:
  1. Money (charge card)
  2. Product or service (book, CD, car part)
  3. A shopping site (, , , )

What types of charge cards exist

The choice is not very large. For Internet shopping you should best get a card that you will use only for shopping online. Most banks have those cards and they are mostly free. They are simple to use, and if you want to buy something you just transfer the payment on the Internet, do the shopping and the card is out of money again so you don’t have to worry someone misusing it.

What Can You Buy Online

You can buy various material things like books, clothes, toys, techniques... and everything else that can be delivered. Non material things that you can use in the real world like airplane tickets, tourist arrangements or services in the virtual world like video games or Internet domains can also be bought. When you decide to buy, go after something that is possible, no one will deliver you a Mercedes at your doorstep for a 100 dollars, no matter how tempting this offer is.

Where to Buy

The Internet offers a lot, it pulls you by your sleeve right and left and offers all kinds of things. It is a good thing to pay attention to the site you are buying on and leaving your information from your card. The general advice is to stick to the major world sites for buying like, and others.

How to be safe when buying on the Internet

  1. Always use the latest version web browser and antivirus.Internet Shoping
  2. Keep your passwords and use different ones for different services.
  3. Open four eyes and don’t leave trails behind you during using public or other peoples computers.
  4. Don’t open e-mails from unknown senders. 
  5. Do the buying only on sites that are protected with https:// protocol.


  • Don’t do nothing you wouldn't do in real life on the Internet.
  • Check the reputation of  the sellers and stores on social networks and forums.
  • Make sure that your web browser and antivirus programs are always up to date.


  • Carefully choose and keep your passwords because they are your first line of defense on the Internet.
  • Don’t deliver your personal data through e-mails on the demand of unknown people or ’’known’’ institutions.
  • Report every scam, missuses, theft attempt or missuses of personal data.

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