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Dated: May. 14, 2013

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If it is not the best, Winstep Nexus certainly is placed in the top three places that currently exist on the market. Not only is it a configurable solution that look really beautiful and refreshes the work surface, but it is a program with a lot of  function that are rarely seen in competitive achievements.

Nexus is optimized in a way that it works under all current version of Windows (even under 8) and it is extremely frugal  when it comes to hardware resources, and it exists in a . Finally, it can also work in a 64 bit OS environment, although it is not specially optimized for them.
In default, the dock is placed on the top edge of the screen, and is presented as an Aero rectangle with rounded edges. In it are nine icons (modules) with whom you can access the Start menu, the favored Internet browser, the recycle bin, date and time settings, the weather prognosis, etc.
Next to that, you can find the gauge for the use of the processor and system memory, the module that catches screenshots from the desktop, and the shortcut to the program settings. The icons are animated and produce various visual effects when you cross over them with your cursor, and also when you click on them.
Winstep Nexus 12 DockNexus brings so much options to set that only those who are insatiable won't be pleased. The Dock can be attached to any side of the screen, and there is the option with which you turn on the so called swimming regime, when you "park" anywhere on the screen. Of course, the basic look is set through themes, that exist in the hundreds – extra ones can be downloaded from the official site.
Tweaking is allowed when it comes to the effect of flowing through the command icons, and the animation change is also allowed which points to that you started a certain program module. Further, on the menu you can set the size of icons, the intensity of transparency, tuning the spacing between them, setting the used font, etc. You can enrich all of that with various sound effects, with which you have total control.
In the dock itself, the icons can be separated with the separators, with which you can divide wholes. Adding programs can be done in two ways, and the basic one means grabbing the icon from the desktop and simply pulling it to the dock. The manual regime offers more possibilities and reveals that in the dock you can place an Internet address, folder, even a system command.
The Winstep Nexus offers itself to interested people in the commercial Ultimate variant, for which it is worth to spend 20 euros. For that money you get the possibility to use icons of high resolution, the making of Sub-Docks, tabbing docks, the ability to show the system content, and a lot more interesting things.

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