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TechiWarehouse hopes to provide fresh information, viewpoints and experiences every business day from the people in the trenches of the Computer Programming and the Web industry. If you have a unique perspective or experience to share, we invite you to submit a column for consideration.

What we are looking for -- simply put -- are advices, tips, and even full blown tutorials. Told in the first person. A real situation you or your company encountered. You succeeded or you failed. You learned something of value that you are now conveying to others.

It may be about some design changes you made to a source code that improved or diminished its productivity. Or about you stumbling upon an unusual idea in dos batch scripting. It could be about some insights you made upon a thorough examination of your server logs. It could be about some known to be "debugging pros" you have met, some site publishers you have encountered who either "got it" or were "out of it". Or maybe some new direction you are taking with web content that may interest the readers. The BEST topic to discuss would be a burning issue that is on your desk NOW.

So, as they say in therapy, speak from the "I". Tell this audience the truth -- the unvarnished truth (though you don't need to mention names). The authenticity will ring through loud and clear. And speak with passion. If it ticks you off or exhilarates you -- all the better! That's where you connect with our readers.

Keep it to around 750 words. We're talking the web here, folks. Low attention span. A graphic or two, maybe a banner, are fine if they help you make a point. If you have a link or three you want to put in, give us the URL. If you want to insert some html to ensure it is conveyed the way you want, that's fine.

We will review every column submitted. In some cases, we will ask for a rewrite. In others, we will clean up the grammar and spelling, and put it up as is. And in some cases we may move things around, zap a paragraph or two, and make it more in line with the TechiWarehouse editorial approach. No different than if you submitted a piece to a magazine. In all cases, we'll do the headline.

Submit the column in Microsoft Word or text. If you have tables you wish to include, have the HTML ready.

Please include a brief bio, URL, Paypal Email and snail mail address. Your company, title and phone number are of course valuable as well.

If we decide to run your column, we will need your photo as well. Make sure it's a good one. This is the impression you will make on the Info/Tech industry. Make it a great one! Second thing, every article we decide to run get's you a $3.00 Paypaled into your account. Bigger tutorials, get's you as much as $10.00 to $12.00. And there's no negotiating, sorry.

Email us with any ideas you have for a column you might write.

We look forward to reading your column!

Best Regards,

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