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Site Description

TechiWarehouse is a very simple yet informative site to say the least. The whole point of this website is to let techies of all kinds to come here, quickly look for what they want, and get the heck out. We're in the business of providing information. Not glueing visitors to our website. The purpose of the internet is to provide and share information, quickly and efficiently. So why keep the general population away?

Whether the visitor is a coder, network admin, user, part of a workgroup, or just an IT student; there is something here for everyone. Since people should stick to what they do best, we have sworn not to let down the IT/Web community.

A quick minded products manufacturer or service provider will immediately understand the scope of TechiWarehouse.Com; and they can make an instant judgment of this site's content in relations to the viewer they are trying to attract. Note: It's always advised to take little bit of time to get to know the site and it's audience before any commitments.

Traffic & Stats

Now that we've already given you salesy talk above, let's get to the meat of any Advertising Campaign; Volume and Quality. We at TechiWarehouse.Com try our best to 'not' beat around the bush whenever possible. So we're simply going to let the you, along with the world, simply take a look at our Google Analytics Report for the year 2012 and let the report speak for itself. This allows us to put a report created by a third-party that you can trust and rely upon.

Ad Placement & Rates

The numbers here correspond with the numbers on the layout-images on the bottom of this page.

By Page Type:

  • Front Page Ad Spots - Single most highest trafficked point of entry to the whole TechiWarehouse.Com website.
    1. FrontPage Top Text Link
      Single slot available
    2. FrontPage Block - 336x280
      Multiple slots available

Front Page Ad Spots
  • Category Page Ad Spots - At this time (Dec. 7th, 2012), we have 63 category pages and growing. The category pages unlike the content pages are more of a hub of a single niche topic whic further leads to tutorials and articles relating to the category itself.
    1. Category Page Block - 336x280
      Multiple slots available
    2. Category Page Button - 125x125
      Multiple slots available
    3. Category Page Permanent Weblink
      Multiple slots available

Category Page Ad Spots
  • Content Page Ad Spots - We only have two kinds of content. First is a tutorial, which may depending on the topic can very in depth. Leading to very long periods of banner exposure. Second, are articles, each on a very highly specific niche. Can your organization take advantage of that?
    1. Content Page Side Banner
      Multiple slots available
    2. Content Page Top Banner - 728x90
      Multiple slots available
    3. Content Page Block - 336x280
      Multiple slots available
    4. Content Page Bottom Banner - 728x90
      Multiple slots available
Content Page Ad Spots

Next to these options we also support custom advertising formats & periods. Ask us about these

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