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Background Behind Lynda.Com's Online Video Training

Even with some degree of debate between ourselves at TechiWarehouse.Com, we've gone ahead with offering Virtual Training Company's Online Video Training system. Although, it's not free, it's still less expensive than a night out to the movies. Also, keep in mind, that if you subscribe to a longer period than a single month, the fee drops even further.

Below, we've listed all the video training courses offered at this point in time. And once, you become a subscriber, you'll have access to all these courses to view, learn, and relearn. I guess that's why they call it Unlimited Access! There have been people who ask us, why not use one of the competing companies out there like VTC and others? Our review of Lynda revealed that as far as we could tell, Lynda folks are the only ones that offer not just software video training online but also certifications as well. Certifications like those offered by CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Oracle, and others.

There is a reason why we at TechiWarehouse.Com are endorsing Lynda.Com Video Training. And the reason is that it's the best bang for your buck. It'll teach you all that you will learn on other sites, but more. Remember, we are not just a bunch of tutorial producing guys and gals here. Most of us are in the field as certified, developers, designers, networking gurus, and server admins. We know what we're recommending by first hand experience.

To view sample videos, please click the links that suit your subject. The list is pretty long, so you might want to search in this box:

Online Video Training Course List

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