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We are techies in many programming, networking, and IT training topics but we know there are countless other highly experienced geeks, engineers, techies and technical leaders out there who know way more than we do. That's why we love getting requests to submit guest articles on all kinds of IT topics.

What kinds of subjects should you write about?

If you have any technology subject area that you know well enough to give tips, techniques, advice, etc. without really selling a product or a company then we would love to hear from you. It could be as little as 350 words all the way to your heart's content if you have lots to say. No deadlines or anything - just get it to us when you have it.

What kind of audience should you write for?

Our readers are mostly technology folks that are "in the trenches". Wether, it's a young lady from Dehli University, researching for a term paper or a senior citizen in Houston Texas looking for a way to solve email issues. They are IT managers, hardware engineers, techs, programmers, students, and other tech experienced people looking for answers to technical questions.

What should the guest postings look like?

For some examples, look at the other guest articles on my blog - as long as it's suitable for a highly technical audience and will not look or read like an article that is so general that it would be suited for a newspaper, it will likely be published. Here are best kinds of guest postings:

  • Helpful how-to posts that teach something useful
  • New discoveries or case studies that show how an implementation in one place might work in another
  • Actionable news that tells people something they should do to help save time or get some work done

Your content needs to be:

  • Transparent - If you're mentioning a service or product that you're associated with, make it clear.
  • Balanced - No lopsided propaganda. Especially if you're associated with something being mentioned
  • Well Written - We will not accept poorly written posts or posts with bad grammar or non (PG) language.
  • Fresh - We will not accept posts that cover a topic we feel is over-talked about or over-done, or is too general

What kinds of articles should you NOT write?

The key is that our audience is a technology “implementation� group; they don't like high level news and views that can be found in dozens of other sites. If your article reads like a news article or product announcement then you won't want to submit that.

How do you submit a guest posting?

If you've got some advice to share, please submit a quick abstract to our contact form and we'll give you a quick thumbs up / down.

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