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LinksEveryone offers to exchange links with a good and popular website. But it involves putting a link of your site along with 50 others in a list, shown on a page that nobody would even go to. It's mainly done for search engine rankings but let's not kid ourselves. We all created our websites for people first right? If we only wanted higher search engine ranking and no human being to visit us, what good would that do?

We at TW have taken a different approach. We welcome link exchanges from a whole host of sites. As long as it's targetted relevant subject matter. And what do we provide in return? Your link will not be drowned in a list of 100 others in a list called "LINKS". We will show your website link on a relavant page (example: A+ Certification Category) and in a human readable area that's not obscure.

If you wish to exchange links with us, please add our link in a prominent area of your website and send us a link exchange request here.

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