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Dated: May. 01, 2013

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Since the GNOME with its version three distanced itself from the traditional desktop appearance, and KDE polished its version 4 a large number of users decide to go for the KDE when choosing among these two competitors. Everyone who decides for the KDE will have the need to try the programs that belong to the KDE extra gear so they would have a full image of their surroundings. One of those programs, that is definitely worth mentioning is the relatively young web browser rekonq. The program is done with qt libraries so it perfectly fits into the KDE surroundings, and “under the hood” there is the well-known WebKit, that enables comfortable Internet surfing.

You won’t have problems with the installation, because rekonq is in the repositories of all famous distributions, and in some it is even the default web browser, for example in KDE oriented distributions Kubuntu and Chakra.
When you start the program you will see the familiar speed dial that is called Favorites here, and it is with a few predefined pages. Adding new pages in the Favorites section is very easy, as is their changing and deleting. Next to that, on the home screen are shortcuts for entering Bookmarks, the Downloads section, History as well as the display of tabs you recently closed. After you get into settings you will see some very interesting new options that you haven’t seen in other Internet browsers, such as the possibility to disable the loading of plugins. If you have a weaker computer the recommendation is to shut down automatically add-ons loading, and when you need one you simply activate it with one click and the processor will be grateful for that. There is a special part in the options that relates to web shortcut configuration. Many web browsers have the option of using Internet shortcuts, but none of them have one that is this clear and easy to configure.
rekonq web browserIn the program base there is over 100 sites and shortcuts to search, and if one doesn’t fit you, you can easily change it and if you want add a new one. Some other interesting options can be found in the submenu Tools. One of them is creating web apps. Simply said, they are shortcuts to certain sites that you can hold in the system menu or, for example, in the folder Desktop for easier access. During opening of some web app you get a simple window, without some extra options so you can focus all your attention to the page content. Also, we have to praise the built in AdBlock that serves for blocking annoying ads, and you need to turn it on. If you want to, you can configure it in detail.
Considering that this is a pretty small and undemanding web browser compared to its “older brothers” speed is its virtue. You will handle multiple tabs with ease, but it did freeze for a few seconds when we tested it, and it doesn’t matter how many tabs you have opened. But, when you consider that that happened only a few times and that it is its only flaw we saw we, and you, can get past it.
For all those who are bored with the big web browsers or they are just slow for you, the recommendation is to try rekonq. There is a great chance that it will win you over with its minimalistic interface and speed, as well as some extra options, and a flaw can certainly be forgiven. Still, no program is perfect.

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