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Dated: Dec. 06, 2013

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WIFI Wireless

Standard routers are all different in a way that different routers support different ranges. The question arises which routers have the best range because range plays a key role in the network speed and reliability, mobility and other things as well.

The thing that is responsible for a routers range is it's antenna. The better the antenna, the higher the range, the better the performance. 802.11g routers have a better range due to the fact that their antennas are better and of more recent design as 802.11b routers have a weaker range as their antennas are older and don't perform so well. But, the range of a router is not the most important thing. Even it doesn't have a lot of range if you have a low number of walls and your wireless devices are near each other range doesn't play a key role in the performance of the network.

Improving your laptops range

If you buy a laptop that is somewhat more recent in design it will probably have a built in wireless adapter. Otherwise, laptops of older origin use external adapters called PCMCIA cards.Laptop wireless range

If you are using your laptop in a public area, you will need a strong wireless radio signal to be able to work, or basically do anything online. If you don't have a lot of signal range you will have poor performance.

The things that can improve your laptop signal range:

1. If you can install an external wireless antenna on your laptop, it would be a great thing. Of course it is not always possible as there are laptops that don't support this option.

2. The transmission power settings play a great part in your signal range. You need to make sure that your transmission power settings are set at 100% or at maximum in order to have a full signal. Also, note that setting your computer to power saving mode can decrease transmission power settings.

3. Using an USB wireless adapter and an external antenna can boost the signal range significantly. You can put an USB wireless adapter on the back side of your laptop. But, you must have an open USB port to do this. You should also disable any other adapters you have running on your laptop to avoid any problems.

We hope this article has helped you in boosting your network range.

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