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Dated: Dec. 05, 2013

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There are several ways of connecting to networks by using Linksys routers and they are:

1. The manual setup

This is probably the most hands on solution and it is possibly the best one. You will manually connect to a Linksys network by linking your computer to a Linksys router via Ethernet cable, then you open the browser and connect the router console on This allows you to do many things such as changing a lot of router options and also many more things. Also if you enter the right IP address you can connect to the Internet, it is basically a great method which can help you a lot. And it is not very complicated at all, you just have to connect the Ether cable and basically 90% of the work is done.

Also, note that you will need to setup your Linksys network through Linksys adapters as well, and not just through the router console, this is a very important thing and make sure you remember it.

2. Linksys EasyLink Advisor

The Linksys EasyLink Advisor otherwise known as LELA is a completely free program and it is a setup wizard for your Linksys router and other devices that connect to that router. You will usually get LELA in a CD when you buy a Linksys router. But it is not only a setup wizard. It can also manage your network after you have installed it successfully.Linksys router

3. Cisco Connect

The Cisco Connect can often be found in newer Linksys router, as it serves almost the same purpose as LELA it is found on installation CD's you get when you buy a Linksys router. What is different here is that you have a program and an USB key. The USB works in a way that when you setup your router it saves those settings to the USB key and allows you to transfer them to other computers faster.

4. Cisco Network Magic

The Cisco Network Magic is basically the same as LELA, the major only differences are that it has greater capabilities and therefore must be bought. As LELA, it can help you setup your network and manage it afterwards, but it can also add new devices to your existing network, it can test your network speed, it can monitor your network, troubleshoot and a lot of other things are also a possibility.

We hope this text has helped you understand Linksys routers a bit more.

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