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Dated: Jun. 02, 2012

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The words "free" and "app" can often bring to the fore the greedy kid inside the individuals from the tech savvy brigade - people like yourself for example. Even so, when the aforementioned pair of words combines you just can't help hankering after this technological treat - of course much to the detriment of your smart phone in numerous cases. Mobile phone spy software can ensure that your cell phone goes kaput and hence it is extremely important that you steer clear of the spyware for your Android phone. Here's how you can do it...

Don't Root Your Android Phone

Yes you might get the whole myriad of app options to download and ward off boredom, but by rooting your Android what you're also warding off is its security. The security limitations are there for a purpose and most of them cater to ensuring that your phone is protected from Android spyware. No malware can penetrate your Android unless it has been rooted. So yes, while the prospect of additional apps and additional fun is tempting, the potential of your phone being malware infected should be equally - if not more - horrifying.

Research Before Taking a Plunge

Android LogoIt is imperative that you thoroughly research the app publisher before taking it. Thorough research should tell you what kind of apps the publisher offers and whether or not any of them sound fishy. In case they do look suspicious steer clear of the publisher and any app that it offers, no matter how tempting it might be. Similarly checking out online reviews of the app can be extremely helpful. Not all the websites are reliable, but if a reputable website gives the app the green signal then go for it.

Monitor App Permissions

Whenever an app is downloaded or updated it offers you a list of permissions. If an app demands more than it should or something that is completely irrelevant to its purpose - an alarm clock app going through your contacts for example - then stay away from that particular app.

Avoid APKs

The thing with Android Package files (APKs) is that you would never know what the file contains until it is installed. And of course once that is done it obviously is too late. Therefore do not directly install APKs, take it from a reliable third party instead.

Install Malware Scanners and Antivirus

Yes antivirus and malware scanners have their doubters - scores of them in fact - with regards to exhaustively dealing with mobile phone spy software (), but they still have their impact. These scanners can deal with most malware, and without them you'd be inviting spyware to your Android and having a feast!

Get App Installation Updates

Download an app to get an update on whether or not someone secretly installed an app on your phone. You can get the update through email, SMS or even a popup which could give you a list of apps installed in your Android phone in that particular day. If there's an app on that list that you didn't install, get rid of it!

Wait for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

The new Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, scheduled to be launched on 27th June, is touted as the most secure Android operating system yet. Along with scores of other developments, keeping Android spyware at bay is said to be its forte; although of course, only time will tell how this particular claim pans out...

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