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Dated: Oct. 17, 2010

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Mac OS

by David Ritchie

Photos are transmitted today to the Mac computer via a mixture of media enabling devices, such as memory card slots, usb ports, and more. Digital cameras and video digital cameras have come a long way from their recent humble beginnings. Nonetheless, the storage cards associated with digital photography are subject to anomalies that can cause mishaps with irreplaceable pictures are videos. When a misfortune finds you, it feels like a violation. The understanding and use of Mac photo recovery software will go a long ways to hopefully providing you comfort to recover precious, one-time photos and videos. 

The apparently loss of digital images and movies is mostly that; apparent. Mac photo recovery software will be your ally when the unexpected happens. However, it is good that you clearly understand the causes of data file loss to improve your chances of recovering such files, whether they be photos, videos, music or other data files.

Data is lost for any of the following reasons:

  • Deletion of photos from digital camera or back up drives by accident.
  • Accidental formatting of SD, MMC and other memory cards.
  • File System corruption from the memory card within the camera or the Mac computer.
  • Anomalous error while the camera is turned off.
  • Mishandling of memory card.
  • Memory card errors during attempt to connect to your Mac computer.
  • Data or device corruption that renders the storage device unreadable.
For best photo recovery results from any of the above conditions, it is recommended that you take the following precautionary steps when data loss is suspected.
  • Turn off your camera and remove the memory card, handling it with care to its storage location.
  • Secure your memory card in a dust and moisture-free environment at room temperature
  • Do not capture any new pictures as the threat of overwriting your temporarily lost photos will increase dramatically.

Mac Photo RecoveryThe best chances you will have to recover your photos and related files will be using Mac photo recovery software that includes professional recovery capabilities designed for specific image files such as RAW and TIFF. The program should cover a wide range of file formats that are searched for recovery. File formats should include common video and music formats in addition to digital photograph file formats.  

One of the best ways to know if a particular software will work for you is to test drive it. There are many programs that allow an evaluation version to be tried to see that it will work for you. Programs such as Mac Photo Recovery and Disk Doctor's Mac photo recovery software are two of the prominent ones that come to mind with robust features and search utilities.

Keep your cool and verify that the images you know are lost do not amount to the whole of your photo recording device. It is equally a good practice to note what photos you have stored on a digital camera or video recorder so that any gaps that do come up will be recognized quickly for recovery.

David Ritchie is an expert software development writer. His current area of specialism is a software.

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