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Dated: Jan. 09, 2013

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Although we talk about computing in a cloud, there is still a lot of work done on papers. The Sharp MX M354N will satisfy the needs of every office

No matter how much you resist it, digitalization is inevitable. Because of the ever growing business and chronic lack of time in employees, it is expected to get speed, quality print, low price and availability from multifunctional printers (MFP). The Sharp MX M354N is an MFP that prints black and white A3 prints and scans them in color. It is meant for a business environment that demands quality and high productiveness. The MFP is the only device shared by everybody in the team, and the speed and amount of work often depends on it. The tested model has proven that it is capable of high performance under great strain. If there is a need for a greater volume of work, you can add another model and by doing that double the speed.

Sharp MX M354NThe other side of the productivity equation is ease of use, and that is another good quality of the MX M354N. Managing this printer through a web page enables easier adjusting from a distance, and when you are next to it you can use the touch screen. There is no long scrolling to get to the desired option. Thanks to the Printer Status Monitor you can check  if there is enough toner and paper before you start printing, using Job Status Screen you will know when your files are going to be printed, and when it is finished you will get a note that printing is done. If you are printing classified documents, the Follow me system allows sending the material to the printer and start printing only when you enter a code. That way only you will know what was printed. 

Tech support is made easier with remote steering: you can install a driver or update the firmware through a web browser. For managing classified document, Sharp has come up with a solution in the form of the Data Security Kit, that encrypts copies and allows access only with a code. You can delete the files a after printing if you want. Managing documents includes copy and scanning protection. During printing, a very small sign is printed so further duplication is not possible. 

Sharp has focused on the environment too. Quick cooling start, energy efficient LED lights and automatic turn off are just a few of the possibilities. Environmentally conscious users use digital copies before analog copies. Scanning a document in a certain format is a matter of choice. It is the users choice if he will put the documents on the desktop, send it to multiple addresses, on the FTP server, web folder, USB memory or the hard drive. The rest is just the users education.

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