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Dated: Nov. 03, 2009

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Windows Vista
Technological Advances

Many products come and go into the market. But only a few find a stable position in it and establish their supremacy over all other competitors. Similarly, many operating systems have made entry into the international arena of computers but only a few have proven to be outright successful ones.

The first name that comes to anyone's mind when asked about operating systems is Microsoft which revolutionized the field of computers with the various operating systems and other software it created, making computers simpler to handle.

The recent operating system released by Microsoft Corporation, Vista, has received a good response from its users. Vista, which was developed under the code name 'Longhorn', is the only operating system that took too long to come to the market, in the history of Microsoft. Though XP was praised by all for its simplicity and user-friendliness, it had to face flak for its inefficiency in security. Hence, the prime motive of Microsoft was to rectify all these security problems and bring about a new and efficient OS. Thus arose the idea of creating an operating system called Vista. Now let us see if Vista has fulfilled all the needs of developers as well as users.

Firstly, the security feature unique to Vista, called UAC (User Account Control) has proved its efficiency and established itself as a secure one. A test conducted by Symantec Corporation which involved letting adware, malware, spyware, virus and Trojan horses into the OS proved the efficiency of UAC as it successfully blocked the invasion of almost all viruses. Less than 5% of the viruses sent were strong enough to make the computer reboot.

Vista OSVista houses some extraordinary, eye-catching visual styles. When compared to the not-so-stylish look of XP, Vista holds an upper hand in this aspect. The icons in Vista are more fantastic than those of XP. Other features such as the Windows Sidebar, Windows DVD Maker, ReadyBoost etc work in favour of Vista. The simple yet superb Sidebar lets you add some cool gadgets ranging from weather check to 'Calvin and Hobbes' quotes to your desktop.

With the help of ReadyBoost one can convert his external storage such as a pen drive into primary storage. Now we can even have a 250GB RAM with the help of this amazing innovation!!!

With many gaming companies implementing various novel ideas, virtual reality is also on the brink of popping out into existence. One can be 100% sure that his gaming experience in Vista would be unsurpassable.

Instant search is another convenience offered by Vista to its users. Now one need not go to the search window like in the case of XP, clicking the start menu displays a search box where one can type the name of the file that he wants to search.

Another advantage of using Vista is that using Windows DVD Maker one can burn files to his DVD/CD. One does not need a proprietary DVD authoring tool such as Nero to serve this purpose.

Networking is one aspect that gives trouble in XP. But this has been checked for and rectified perfectly in Windows Vista. Windows Vista lets you map your network easily and wireless networking has also become easy to set up using this new operating system which is the abode of many awesome, time saving, innovative techniques that make using computers simpler and smoother.

One interesting theory that is making the rounds regarding the future of Vista OS is that it maybe testing times for Vista right now but it'd surely rule the market at a certain period of time. Even this notion is worthy of giving a thought. The analysts who came up with this theory state that people in general are not ready to accept change immediately. Even XP took a long time to establish its supremacy in the market and find a stable position in the global arena. But now, XP commands a 62.1% market share in the cyber world. Similarly, Vista too would take a little longer to settle into the frame, when all the software and features of XP would be labelled 'obsolete'.

It has to be noted that even XP took a long time to find a stable position in the market. If acquiring stability in the market itself takes a long time, it is obvious that reigning over it would take longer.

The new and improved browser that comes with Vista, Internet Explorer7 has got many advanced features like tabbed browsing that enables users to surf multiple sites simultaneously, and anti-phishing filter that saves you from losing money due to the illegal activities, or in other words, cyber crime done by some antisocial elements who try to make quick money through forgery.

PC gamers are those who are very much happy with Vista. Vista has an improved DirectX version, DirectX 10 which is surely a visual treat for gamers and movie enthusiasts who prefer to watch movies on their computers. Having had a first person account of the gaming experience in Vista, I can assure that nothing can match it. The scene of Gordon Freeman running around buildings in the mild evening light with Alyx and the Dog following him is still lingering in front of my eyes. The vivid colours and new development techniques put into latest games by their developers cannot be enjoyed to their maximum with all the old hardware and graphic cards, switch on to Vista and get an unlimited dosage of the unmatchable splendour of gaming in this new, cool operating system.

Vista has also proven that it is simple to use and aids all its users. Speech recognition that was compatible only in Office and WordPad in the 2003 version of Office has now been improved to a higher level in Vista so that it can be utilized to operate any accessible application. In addition, Vista also supports several languages such as Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Keeping in mind all the aforementioned aspects and innovative techniques employed in Vista we can be sure that the future of Vista is surely heading towards the upper curve and set to soar in the cyber sky.

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