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Dated: Mar. 12, 2013

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How could you enjoy your favorite music or the sound effects of movies and games without a quality sound card. In the following article you will find the description that is necessary to install a sound card. These instructions will be useful for most AMD and Intel computers that use the latest Windows operating systems. If your computer already has an integrated sound card with the motherboard or your sound card demands adjusting the jumper or IRQ, the installation will be much more complicated and you will be better off calling an expert.

How to Install a Sound Card

  1. Turn your computer off.
  2. Pull out the power cable and wait for a few minutes to empty the condensates.
  3. Disconnect all peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor).
  4. Unscrew the bolts holding the housing lid and place the housing on the floor.
  5. Ground yourself through the computer. If you have an anti static glove, wear it. The other way to ground yourself is to touch the metal part of the housing. This is done because of avoiding the accumulation of static electricity on your body that could cause damage on you and the electronics.
  6. If it is necessary, take the back panel off your computer of too.
  7. If the computer doesn’t have a sound card already installed find a free slot.
  8. Take off the protective metal plate that is on the back of the computer.
  9. Attach your new sound card, gently but firmly, into the free slot. The card must go to the end of the slot in the mother board. Do not touch the connectors on the card.
  10. Put back the back panel and all the screws you unscrewed.
  11. Attach the mouse, keyboard, monitor and other peripheries you disconnected. Now you can attach your speakers, earphones or microphone with the sound card.
  12. Turn on the computer and speakers.
  13. If Windows detects your new sound card during start up, follow the instructions for the installation of the driver and additional software. If Windows doesn’t detect new hardware (which is rare), manually install a sound card with the help of  Add New Hardware in the control panel. 
  14. Play a song or start and application that has sound effects to test your new sound card.
  15. Turn off your computer.
  16. Put back the side of the computer that you previously took off and turn the computer on.


How to install a sound card

  • If it is possible, install your sound card on a carpetless floor to avoid static electricity.
  • If it is possible, use the slot with the most room around it.
  • Installing software that came with your sound card changes conditions on Windows registers, which can lead to errors. If this happens, reinstall the drivers, it usually solves the problem.
  • Take care about not touching the connectors or ships whether it is the sound card or the inside of your computer.


  • Don't press the sound card to hard during the placement in the slot. If the card won't fit nicely, there is a great chance that you turned it the wrong way, or that you have mistaken the type of slot. By applying to much force you can damage the card as well as the motherboard.
  • If your computer is covered by warrantee, opening the housing and installing new components usually breaks it.
  • If you didn’t fully understand these instructions or you aren’t very handy, the best thing would be to consult an expert that will do all that work for you.

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