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Dated: Aug. 29, 2013

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Network Security


By its function it is an expanded capabilities gateway. Expansion refers primarily to prevent unauthorized access to the network in general. Aforementioned means that the network device provides control of traffic between the Internet and a local network in a way that all incoming Internet traffic is filtered according to defined filtering rules. When it comes to Internet the device operates on the same level of the OSI model as a gateway. In addition to filtering traffic by the defined access rules (ACL - Access Control Lists, the most important is the ability to define the IP address of the local network as a private network and NAT mechanism Network Address Translation) to translate the incoming IP address of the local private IP addresses and vice versa.

Then they usually support DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) which is a mechanism of automatic IP address assignment in a local network. The communications that are started outside of the firewall are blocked. Although they can be configured through the HTTP protocol by using the built in web server for this purpose, that doesn't mean that they don't belong to the highest level of devices.

They enable setting and overlooking VPN traffic and depending on the purpose and the PPPoE if it is designed as a SOHO device.

These types of devices, most often home devices, usually support Ethernet and Wireless communication with them and mutual communication of devices that are connected.networking devices


It is the most complex network device because it enables the regeneration of signals, the concentration of multiple ports, the conversion of data and managing the flow of data. When it is plugged in as a output device of a local network it must know how to transfer fast Ethernet communication into the relatively slow serial communication.

On the Ethernet side a MAC address is used and on the exit side an IP address. The MAC address of it's Ethernet port is the exit address of the computer called DEFAULT GATEWAY. If the conversion of the network protocol is done then this is a device of the fourth level OSI model. Modern gateways and their protocols enable that one unique network address can be split into more sub-networks. The network is split into virtual LANs, so certain types of traffic can be banned for certain VLAN's as well as the communication between them.

Next to directing traffic, viewed from an aspect of the home user, the SOHO device serves as a link between the local network and the Internet.

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