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Dated: Dec. 12, 2012

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After a few weeks from the release of the Penguin 3, here are some conclusions from which you can see where the biggest algorithm ranking changes have been made. Those conclusions where taken from Linkresearchtools (LST) in a study of cases on a sample of 100 sites (50 have passed bad, 50 have passed good).

Considering that we are writing about Penguin, or off side factor analysis, in the main group of most influential parameters are:
  1. The link velocity trend, a trend of the link building speed that you get from all sides.
  2. Domain popularity, or the popularity of the domain from which you get links (if the first parameter defines quantity this one defines quality).
The second group of factors, that have a medium importance after the newest Penguin 3 update are:
  1. TitleRank, the metrics that the people from LRT have made, it defines the position of the page heading on SERP-s (check where you are when you enter the title of some landing pages on Google).
  2. Power*Trust, this is also an LRT internal metric system that is used during the analysis of links as it is a important indicator. You can Google this topic a bit if you want, but the trust is gaining importance.
  3. Deep link ratio, it tells you to link the site in depth, not just the home page.
  4. Number of indexed pages.
  5. Number of key words that the site is competing for.
This tells you that the smaller non quality sites will probably lose some positions during the update at the expense of bigger non quality sites.
Then there is a group of factors that are very little affected by Penguin 3. This doesn't mean that these factor have no importance in a some SEO campaigns, but just are not affected by this update. 
  1. Site wide ratio, the ratio of the number of side wide links and the number of domain links. In this update the side wide links are not penalized, but relevant ones are rewarded.
  2. Alexa rating.
  3. Domain age and anchor text type.
And finally a group of factors that hasn't been affected by this Penguin update at all:
  1. AdWords spending, or the amount of money that is spent on AdWords has no effect on SEO growth.
  2. The influence of domestic hosting stayed the same as before.
  3. Social signals: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus, or the events on these networks don't make a change in SEO rating.
Google Update Penguin 3
An extra opinion about the whole story is that by our experience after this update the value of the link has grown again and with a new parameter, link building speed trend. It's like they hired some lucid mathematician, who has added a new column in a base that now measures acceleration, it calculates the first derivative of the velocity and selects according to that column.
This is probably a reply to the growing occurrence of guest posting (guesting on other peoples blogs). The ones who will grow in the ranks of SEO are those who get to their links with the most quality, relevancy, and now speed!

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