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Dated: Jun. 14, 2012

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The computer is perhaps the most indispensable possession for most people in this time. In the office, at the school, or even at home, it has become a staple tool because it makes things easier, faster and more convenient. For the professionals, accomplishing office tasks is impossible without computers. For students, fulfilling their academic duties is now made easy.

But computers are not only for serious business. Admit it or not, we have come to love computers all the more because of the fun and exciting games we can play in them. Why not? After all, playing computer and video games is not only fun but also beneficial. Experts say that playing computer games is an effective way to relieve depression and anxiety stress. That's why, since then, playing computer games has been the favorite past time of friends and families.

Video GamesComputer games have been a part of our life. Some would even relish their childhood memories by going back to the video games they played as kids. Relive own childhood too. Here are some of the most-loved computer games from generations to generations.

  1. Solitaire - Topping the list is this classic computer game which comes with Windows computer. This computer game has always been an easy relief from anxiety stress in the office. Some office workers would sneak into playing this game in their computers during breaks or even while doing office works. A 2004 study even says that solitaire is the most commonly used Windows Application in the world, leaving MS Word and Excel trailing behind. Considerably, this classic card game, along with other Windows game application like Minesweeper and Pinball, is the pioneer in computer games which made people easily fall in love with computers.
  2. Farmville - Who could forget this easy and fun computer game? Perhaps the most popular social networking game ever invented, Farmville easily gained the attention of millions of people because of its unique approach to gaming. It simulates farming activity where you get to plant your crops, toil them, and harvest them hours or days later. What made it more exciting is that you can interact with fellow gamers. You could request for a certain crop, trade your harvests, or even ask them to toil your plants for you! Since the introduction of social networking sites, Farmville, along with other social network games like Castleville and Zynga Poker, has become an all-time favorite. Perhaps, Farmville was even the reason why people got hooked to Facebook all the more!
  3. Role-Playing Games - These are the kinds of games that changed the face of computer gaming. These games are so digitally and technologically advanced they gave players an almost realistic experience. Properly known as massively-multiplayer online-role playing games (MMORPG), these games allow players to assume the roles of their chosen characters usually in fantasy or fictional settings. These games were a sure hit among teenagers and young adults alike. The most popular and most-loved role-playing games of all time would include Ragnarok, DoTA, and SimCity.

Indeed, the computer has gone a long way since its beginning as a military tool. It has continually evolved from a mere counting device, to a tool for national defense, to a source of enjoyment and fun we all come to discover in this age. Who would have thought that this simple device will eventually become an effective way to relieve anxiety stress?

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Robin's Comment
Well to learn the code itself, the best free olnine class not really a class though is, You want to learn HTML and CSS first (HTML first, then CSS) there are also little quizzes on it , that you can take. You can also use it as a reference, and they have forums if you need debugin help.Then you wanna get a text editor (notepad++ for windows, espresso or coda for Mac). It's better if you use a raw code editor, but you can also use a WYSIWYG editor. (what you see is what you get) basically a visual way to make websites. Like dreamweaver and muse. Then you can move on to stuff like JavaScript , php, maybe some mysql. But if you know HTML, and you just want to know how to efficiently and properly make websites visit (for web designing tips) and (for user interactivity and coding tips and tutorials) Also take a trip down to the bookstore and browse over some books, you don't have to buy them most bookstores have chairs for you to sit down and read their books.And just have patience. It takes a little while to learn this, but with patience and determination you can do it!By the way it's not called computer programming, that stuff is like java, and c+ much more difficult. What your talking about is called web developing. So consider yourself a web developer. Happy codings.
10 Fri Aug 2012
Admin's Reply:

I 2nd that Robin. I myself learned tons there.