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Dated: Oct. 24, 2013

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With the Internet there came a whole new era of information technology, transfer and access. Also, the Internet connected the world in a way that has never been see before, through games. Alongside the Internet came huge amounts of brand new games, genres, software and a lot of other things. And also the Internet seems to be getting faster as we go into the future.

In the past you have the slow network devices that barely reached 56 kbps, but today those speeds have grown to something much bigger than that. And it doesn't cost a lot of money. But, there is one problem, and it is wires. The messy wires have always been a liability, but then wireless emerged.

So then you have wireless and wired setups. Let us compare the two and their advantages, as well as disadvantages and how does that reflect you gameplaying experience.

The Wired experience

The wired approach is the usually and the most traditional approach to setting up a network. But, let's question if it is really the best possible option for you. Let us review all the pros and cons when it comes to wired setups.

What are the Pros

The money saving

It can cost you to get your whole house wired, but on the other hand it costs almost nothing to maintain and it is almost like you don't have it. That is how low the cost it. Reliability

Very reliable, but only if you do everything the right way.

Speed Wireless networking can't even be mentioned in the same sentence with wired networking when it comes to speed. Wired networks can hit speeds of 10 gigabits, which is a lot.Wired networks

What are the Cons

Setting it up

The fact is that your average Joe is probably not a pro when it comes to setting up networks. You probably don't know what you need to do, and this can cause issues.

It is not very mobile

This is probably the biggest turn off when it comes to the wired approach. You will always need connected cables running through every nook and cranny of your house, and it is not very practical.

A mess with the wires

Again, big, ugly wires that run everywhere you look. Behind your computer, network device, and who knows where else. It is not very appealing, especially if you are having guests at your house often.

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