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Dated: Mar. 08, 2013

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External hard disks are becoming an essential part of computer equipment whether it is business or user based computer systems. Except for the fact that they enable storing more data, they don’t slow down your processor. External hard disks are connected with the computer using a USB cable. USB ports are now being placed in almost every computer. If you are buying a new computer make sure that it supports at least a USB 2.0 standard. In the following article you will find out what the easiest and most efficient way to make a backup of your data on an external hard disk.

Steps on making a backup of your data on an external HDD:

  1. Get a hard disk that suits your needs. Pictures take more room on a hard disk than text files, while audio and video files take more space than pictures and text files combined. If your work on a computer means storing  memory demanding files, get a more powerful device for storing that will collect your files for at least a year.
  2. Do some research about devices for storing data that can satisfy your demands. You can do that through web sites specialized for selling computer components, or you can visit local computer stores and ask for the specifications of the available devices for sale.
  3. Out your money in hard disks with a capacity of over 1 TB. These hard disks cost a little more but in this way you will secure yourself for the next few years. Maybe in this time you don’t need this much space, but you have to consider upcoming trends.
  4. Decide if you want a certain model and make sure it is delivered with connection cables. If that is not the case you will have to spend some more money for them.
  5. Determine the data that you will backup. After identifying them you need to organize them in folders. The names of the folders should match a common description of the data that are inside the folders. This is very important because of all around organization and simple access.
  6. Connect your external hard disk on a certain port with a cable device. The files are easiest to manipulate using the drag-n-drop technique (click the left mouse button on the file, while you are holding the left mouse button transfer the file to a desired location and then release it.)
  7. After you have transferred the wanted files you need to separate the device from the computer. You can do that by clicking the right mouse button on a small icon on the storing device that has appeared when you attached it (in the taskbar).  In the menu that appears choose the option Eject. Now wait for a message to appear which says that it is safe to disconnect the hardware. In this way you avoid complications, errors or even a loss of data that can happen during irregular hardware disconnecting.


  • HDD external backupKeep your external storing device away from your computer. You do this to avoid losing files in an accident that may happen near one of those devices. If there is a flood, fire or theft you are better of having the files in two different locations.
  • Spend some more money in buying an external hard disk. When it comes to buying important data you shouldn’t save your money. It is known that there are manufacturers that have less reliable devices. The difference in price of a few dozens of euros usually is not a good enough reason for buying an unreliable device.
  • Think about buying an SSD disk. If you want a much higher speed and if you can spend some more money on buying storing devices, SSD technology is the best solution.


  • Keep your device away from water or strong magnetic or electric fields.
  • Make sure that you don’t drop your device. Even from a small height, it can demagnetized the disk and with that lead to information loss.
  • If you detect bad sectors, that means it is time for getting a new device because file corruption and data loss can happen.

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