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Dated: Mar. 06, 2013

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Portable document files represent a great way for delivering information because it doesn't matter if the user that is receiving the file has the same computer program as the one who created it. If the person has an Adobe PDF Reader installed, which is a free program that you can find on the official Adobe site, he can open that file. Depending on the contents of the file the size varies. That means that downloading large files from the Internet can take time. In the goal of reducing the time it takes to do this, the files should be compressed. Compressing PDF files will shrink its size without any information loss. In the following article you will find information that will guide you through the process of compressing PDF files. 

Steps to Compress a PDF file

  1. Open the program you used to create the PDF document. Starting with Microsoft Office 2007, all version of this software package have the option Save as PDF. Creating PDF documents can be done using the Adobe Acrobat Pro Program. Open the file you want to compress. Choose Save as and then choose the PDF format. Find the option Compress or Compress file size. This will secure the possibility of choosing options like reducing the quality of images in a document etc.
  2. Visit if you are not able to reduce the size of the files by using the mentioned methods. Create a free trial account. This will enable you to create 5 free PDF files. When you create the files in this way they are automatically compressed. If you want the option of creating more than 5 files you can pay a monthly fee that will give you unlimited access.
  3. Another alternative is the Free PDF Compressor program that you can download from the site . Download the program, install it on your computer and then start it. This program offers various ways of compressing a file. You can choose between 2 basic methods and 4 levels of compressing.
  4. Use online tools for compressing. These tools are available on many sites, and each one of them can reduce the size of your PDF files. Many of these tools are free, while there are those that have to be paid for. If that is the case, you will need to pay the wanted amount before you get the permission to compress. Choose a file that you want to compress from your computer a wait until it is uploaded. When it is uploaded and compressed you will get the option to download that new, compressed version on your computer. Instead of this, some online tools will deliver the compressed file on your e-mail address after it is finished.

How to compress PDFAdvice

  • If you need to reduce the size of the PDF files, reduce the image quality. That can be done in two ways, by compressing them with the same method or by individually compressing each image. The other method will give you the choice of what image you want to compress and how much.
  • Using only one font in the whole file can significantly reduce its size because fonts are stored in the file information.
  • PDF files can contain a lot of thing that you may not need, but they take away precious space. Those are things such as web page markers, annotations, links etc.


  • Don’t upload documents with private information. It is not rare that sites that offer compression services keep a copy of your file for themselves.

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