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Dated: Apr. 17, 2013

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Users of computers, whether professional or not, use the keyboard and mouse during their worktime on a computer. While the mouse is not problematic, the keyboard is an obstacle for many. The only way boost efficiency is to learn correct typing and by regular exercise achieve the desired speed. Luckily, the world of free software has in its collection programs that can help you. The Klavaro TIPP10 is one of those programs, it can help you type correctly and you will learn fast blind typing.
First things first. During starting of the program you will be greeted by an introduction window with a short manual about the correct position of your fingers on the keyboard and general tips on your body position and working with a computer. After confirmation, the main window of the program will open, with its simple and understandable content. On the left side is the part with the lessons choice, divided into three categories, which are chosen through tabs. The TIPP10 has no classic tutorial, but instead categories from free lectures are recommended for users, while for training you can use those from the categories free lessons or those that the user adds by themselves. When it comes to the extra adjustments you can determine the length of a lesson (time limit in minutes, character number or complete lessons), as well as the way in which the program will inform you about mistakes and which available system is in use. These systems are active during the lesson typing, and their goal is to show the correct way to type certain characters and make things easier for you.
Tipp10 Typing SoftwareHow does all that look in practice? By starting the desired lesson you open a working space whose look depends on the chosen system of help, and if all of them are available and activated, in the top right part of the work window the text you need to type will scroll, while in the lower half a keyboard will be shown and the correct placement of finger will appear, their motion and the keys that need to be typed. Under the keyboard is a short statistic with the number and time of typed characters and the names of the fingers that are connected with a certain action are written.
After the lesson is finished the program will show you the statistic about spent time, the number of typed characters and the percentage of mistakes, and it will also mark the parts of the text that have some mistakes in them. Also, you should a certain number of points depending on the result, but that option didn’t work during our testing.
In the window with the statistics you can see the history of lessons and the total number of collected points, as well as the detailed statistic about what characters are the most troublesome for you, and even which finger made the most errors, so you can track your progress and spot the places where you need to make corrections.
All in all, useful and usable. Besides a few small glitches, the app doesn’t need a lot of criticism. The only reproach is that there is a weaker support for languages besides English and German. Still, the TIPP10 is an open code software, so interested people can freely modify it and adjust it to their will. You can .

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