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Dated: Nov. 15, 2013

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HomePlug and Powerline Networking

The first time HomePlug was created is in the year of 2001., and then the second version HomePlug AV came out in 2005. HomePlug AV2 was created in 2012.

How Fast is Powerline Networking?

The first HomePlug version had a max speed of between 14 Mbps to 85 Mbps. But, this was just in theory and as we all know that is not very real. Nowadays the max speed of HomePlug is somewhere in the range of normal Wi-Fi. The normal data rates are somewhere around 200 Mbps and there are boosters that can push it up to as much as 500 Mbps and sometimes even more. The brand new AV2 can reach 1 Gbps.Powerlines and HomePlug

Installing and Using Powerline Network Equipment

If you want to create a HomePlug network you will need two basic things, and they are powerline adapters. They can be bought either one piece at a time or in a set.

What you need to do is to plug those two adapters into power outlets that is connecter to other networking devices through Ethernet cables. If you own a router, you can plug your HomePlug adapter into that router and in that way make your network bigger.

If you have several HomePlug adapters you can allow many network devices to share one unit, but it is not always possible as individual adapters usually support a single device. If you want to see how the adapter is running just check the LED lights it should have on it.

A great thing about powerline adapters is that they don't need any updating of their software. Also, they don't have a IP address. But, if you want data encryption on your HomePlug which gives you extra security, you will need to run the needed software and create a password.

Tips for HomePlug installation:

1. If you are looking to plug in your powerline, you should always plug them into wall socket, of course when you have the possibility to do so. If you don't do it this way you may encounter some electrical issues. Also, an absolute no are surge protectors because they greatly interfere with powerline adapters.

2. You should not use HomePlug 1.0 (the first version of HomePlug adapters). This is because they will slow down the network and are not compatible with the new HomePlug.

3. You should seek to have encryption enabled on your HomePlug. It offers great protection fro hacker attacks and other threats that endanger you network.

If you have just bought a new router and you are looknig to set it up, read this text as it will help you in making the right settings. Home Network Router Settings.

Check out this website of the , an organisation that manages HomePlug.

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