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Dated: Apr. 01, 2013

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Research that has recently been conducted in the USA says that the number of sold E-books, for the first time, was more than the number of paper editions. Europe still lags behind America, so on the old continent the average of share of E-books is about 5%. Tablets are gaining more and more popularity, as well as classic e-book readers, in the combination with a lower price compared to paper books, it is undoubtable that that will affect the change of power in the favor of e-books in the next period of time.

But, there is one obstacle there, that for people who don’t know how to work on a computer can be insurmountable. Various makers of e-books have adopted different standards for viewing books. OK, a lot of e-book reader stand tablets has a software that recognizes various formats, but the usually best support is the one made just for the format that was primarily choose by the manufacturer or maker of the software. Programs for e-book format conversion find their place there, amongst which the most popular is Calibre. It is free and very powerful, but there is one catch. The huge number of options that it offers can scare away users. After all, why does some lover of good writing have to know advanced options of a book conversion program? The program Epubor Ultimate Converter found its shot there.
This e-book converter aims for the users that don't want to go deep in the conversions nor they want toEpubor Ultimate Converter define how the new styles will look like and all the other adjustments in the e-book. The program is meant for users who want to use their book, that was bought for one device, on other devices. Bought books most commonly have the DRM protection and are practically tied to the device on which the were bought. And if you, for example, already bought a e-book on the Kindle reader, why couldn't you read it on a tablet or PC?
Epubor Ultimate Converter has simplified the conversion of the format. It supports a larger number of known formats, as well as e-book readers, it doesn't even have to know what formats that reader knows. It is enough to choose from the list of devices it has a device for which it wants to create a e-book and wait until the process is done. Books are placed in the converter in a simple procedure drag&drop, and the batch conversion of a larger number of e-books is secured in one go. As the entering format you have EPUB, PDF, AZW and MOBI, and the conversion is secured in 20 different formats/profiles of devices.
The only thing that does not go in the favor of this device is its price. If you often buy e-books and have multiple devices on which you can read them, and don't want to bother adjusting the converter, the Epubor Ultimate Converter will pay of for you relatively quickly. If you don't want that, take some time a get to know the possibilities of the Calibre you will a lot of money.
You can download Epubor Ultimate E-Book Converter here.


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