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Dated: Oct. 08, 2013

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Speed Ratings

The speed of wireless routers is usually advertised in Mbps (megabits per second). The newest wireless routers claim to have speeds of 450 Mbps, while the outdated older models give only 11 Mbps. The huge speeds might entice you to buy them, but be aware that the speed you will be averaging is not anywhere near the maximum speed they state. And another this is that those new routers can't speed up your internet connection, you may get a bit more speed but it is probably not worth the cost.

Popular Models

If you see huge numbers of people that buy the exact same model, it is probably worth the cost. But don't be fooled, the best selling models are not next gen or something out of the future. They are usually current gen, but not space technology stuff. You can see the sales rating on the Internet retailers and start making you router wishlist.


Producers of wireless routers give you a warranty package every single time you buy something they created. The warranties range from short to long, and there are numerous variables that come in question. When buying a router, always look at the warranty because it may indicate the quality of the product. If it is a great warranty, the logical flow of events is that the product is a quality item because the manufacturers value you more and thus create better products.

Brand Matching with Network Adapters

You should think of buying a router that is the same brand as one of your adapters. You don't get much, but in some cases vendors do something that optimizes the communication protocols of their own equipment, and this will give you a bit more speed.Wireless routers

Size and Style

People usually put their wireless routers in places where they are very visible. If you buy an ugly router, it will probably break the style of your house. But on the other hand, if you buy a fashionable of great looking router you might even want to put in the middle of the room. Routers often vary in sizes. Consider what you are looking for a buy the appropriate product referring to your needs.

Cost and Budget

Creators of wireless routers usually offer discounts or some other rebates. Don't always look for the latest routers, the ones that came out last month or even this year. Try looking for those that came out last year, it is likely that you will find what you are looking for with less cost.

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