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Dated: Jun. 04, 2013

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Microsoft Word

Today we are going to talk about a few things in Word, the Quick Access Toolbar, Letter addressing and Turning on the ruler.

The Quick Acces Toolbar

Do you use the Quick Access Toolbar? Word 2010 puts it discretely on the title bar, right from the Office key in the top left corner of the window. In it are the default keys Save, Undo and Redo. That are the most used commands so they are doubled. You can click on them on the ribbon, but you can also use key combinations. The collection of keys can also be modified. Let's say that we want to add the key for quick printing, that skips configurations for printing. During printing "on one click" the default and general values that are predefined are used. Quick Print is added by clicking on the arrow in the right part of the Quick Access Toolbar, immediately above the Home or Insert tabs. In the menu that pops out we choose the Quick Print and after that this icon for quick printing will always be on sight, no matter that the ribbon tabulator is active.Simple and quick!

Letter addressing in Word

No matter how hard we try to avoid printed communication, we can't completely replace it with e-mails. The problems refers to internal communication inside the firm, as well as communication with users, business partners and state organs. Let's say that we put together a circular letter that goes to multiple addresses. The next step is hand writing dozens of addresses for the letters we are sending. But wait a minute, we have a new printer that copes perfectly with envelopes! Our letters can be made to look formal and professional very simply with the help of Word.
Cross over to the Mailings ribbon and its create section. Click on Envelopes, fill the Delivery and Return address. By clicking on Options you can choose the dimensions of the envelopes, the fonts, as well as the orientation of the paper in the printer. Do we really have to input the same return address every time? Of course not, because our address will be saved with the help of the Add to Document key and after that for the following recipients we only have to input the Delivery address.MS Office 2007 logo


Turning on the Ruler

Word enables flexible formatting of different documents for different purposes: from documents meant for electronic sending and using to those who will be printed and archived. It doesn't matter if it is letter, offers or elaborates, the ruler for formatting is an excellent tool that helps in fine adjusting breaks and the final appearance of a document that, if it is made professionally, gives a much better impression than the common printed paper. If you rarely use the ruler, maybe you haven't noticed that from the 2010 version it stopped being a default tool that is automatically installed without your intervention. If you want it to be on the screen constantly, you can easily make that happen. Cross over to the tab ribbon and click on the Ruler option. The other way is on the top of the scroll tape on the right side, click on the key that looks like a small ruler. If on the other hand you think that the screen is overloaded anyways, you can save space and turn off the ruler.

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