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Dated: Nov. 16, 2011

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Couple of days ago my dad asked me to fix his Chrome Web Browser. Being the un-official computer geek, I got on the task. Sure enough, as soon as I logged into Gmail, the Chrome notice came informing me to download a plugin. The exact words were "an additional plugin is required to display some elements". As soon as I clicked on the install plug-in button, the notice went away and nothing seemed to happen. For some odd reason, I was content assuming that all is done.

But as soon as I re-started Chrome and logged back into Gmail, the notice came again. How Annoying!

Here is my dad's PC Specs:

  • Google Chrome 15.0.874.102
  • Windows 7 Pro

So the problem was that if I click Install, nothing happened apart from the popup going away. What's going on?

I can go on and on, with the details, but here is a quick fix...Chrome Web Browser

Simply disable Skype Click-to-Call, and the problem will be fixed! WALA!

Have Fun!

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i think it is real as a computer history to prefered wat is the real meaning of computer history... thank you very much
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