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Dated: Oct. 02, 2013

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How to connect two computers by using a Cable Through Central Infrastructure

Instead of cabling 2 computers directly, they can be connected in an indirect way through what is called a central network fixture. The central network fixture needs 2 network cables, and each one should connect one computer to the fixture. There are a few types of fixtures that exist and are used for home networking:

They are called:

  • Ethernet hubs, switches, and routers
  • USB hubs
  • Phoneline and powerline wall outlets

Using this fixture usually needs more costs up-front in order to buy more cables and network infrastructure. But, it is a general-purpose solution if you want to accommodate any normal number of devices (like ten or more). You will probably like this approach more than other ones if you want to enlarge your network.

Many cabled networks use Ethernet technology. USB hubs can also be used, while phoneline and powerline home networks give their own unique form of central infrastructure. The most common Ethernet solutions are usually pretty dependable and can give really high performance.

Connecting Two Computers Wirelessly

In the past few years, wireless solutions have seen a big increase in popularity when it comes to home networking. Like in cabled solutions, a few various wireless technologies exist and they support basic two computer networks:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • infrared

Wi-Fi connections have the possibility to reach a bigger distance than the wireless alternatives that are stated in the sentences above. There are a lot of newer computers, laptops the most, that have built-in Wi-Fi capability, which makes them the preferred choice in a lot of situations. When you are talking about two computers, Wi-Fi networking minus a fixture is really simple to set up.Connecting two computers

How To - Set Up an Ad Hoc WiFi Network

Bluetooth can support pretty high-speed wireless connections that happen between two computers, and it doesn't need a network fixture. It is usually used when networking a computer to a handheld device, commonly a cell phone. Old desktops and computers don't have Bluetooth. It works at it's best when both devices are located in the same room and are close to each other. Think of Bluetooth when are interested in networking with handheld devices and your computers doesn't have Wi-Fi capability.

Infrared networking has been present on laptops a long time before Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies became popular. Infrared connections can only operate between two computers, they do not need a fixture, and they are pretty fast. They are also very simple to use and set up, think of infrared connections if your computers can support it and you don't want either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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