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Dated: Jun. 12, 2013

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When you hear that one USB flash drive costs about six hundred dollar, what do you think? Is it dipped in gold or covered in jewels? But, the Kingston HyperX Predator USB 3.0 justifies its price exclusively by the hardware that it has. It is understandable, when it comes to a device that costs as much as a whole computer, so consequently the manufacturing is exquisite.

The housing is made out of a zinc alloy, so we believe that it won't be worn down before it gets old. The mechanism is made par excellence – next to the fact that it has no cap that is easily lost, the flash doesn't change dimensions when you pull out the USB 3.0 connector.

Next to all that was stated, the thing that makes it special is the hardware placed in it. The controller Phison PS2261 with eight memory chips with the capacity of 64 GB is the interior of this quality and expensive 512 GB SSD. To make all of this possible, Kingston has to use as much as three physically separate printed boards, which explains why the HyperX Predator is a bit chubby.Kingston HyperX Predator USB 3.0

All of this secures top notch performances, because what would you do with 512 GB of space in a flash disc if you would fill it up a few hours? Reading data is declared at 240 MB/s, while the input is 160 MB/s. Of course, that is the ideal scenario that refers to sequential speeds. In that light, with synthetic tests like the CrystalDiskMark not only did we get the declared values, the speed was higher for about 20 MB/s.
In practice you can count on a minimal input of about MB/s, which is also the lowest value we were able to achieve by copying a huge number of small pictures. That is even a great result, because we don't believe it is likely that you will be in a situation where you are copying 512 GB of small images.
All in all, in the context of capacity and performances, the HyperX Predator really has no alternative. The manufacturer has made an effort even to make the packaging have a premium flavor. The box is made out of metal, and inside you will find a metal key chain and a extension cord USB 3.0. Here we get to the biggest flaw. It is to much size, which makes it impossible to connect the flash without the delivered cable on many computers.

But, among everything else, we are ready to close one eye. It is hard to find an alternative of the HyperX Predator. This device will not be owned by many people, but its target group is not that big in the first place. We believe that Kingston has more gain from the fact that these devices raise brand awareness in users. On the other hand, those who are lucky and become the owners can be sure that there will be no better flash in the near future... Until the announced device comes to the market which has 1 TB.


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