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Dated: Jun. 03, 2012

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Overview of Entering into Programming World

Once you have learned some programming languages, you feel yourself completely prepared to enter into the programming world, and start working on the programming languages that you have learned. Many students also feel that they have learned extra things which might be helpful in their programming careers. The matter of fact is that the real world is entirely different from what you have been taught in the classrooms.

In the classrooms, you are always given the problems solutions to which your teachers already know. On the other hand, once you enter into production environment, you are always given the problems that relate to the real world, and no one else has ever seen or experienced them.

This section or the above content was not there to demoralize you, but it is there to help you prepare yourself mentally about the wild and cruel world out there.

Entering into Programming World

Good Luck ProgrammingOnce you are done with your studies, you need to analyse which type of programming language you are specialized or you want to get specialization. No matter how highly qualified you are or how many marks/grades you have scored during your education tenure, you will always have to start with the base level programmer where you will always be under observation and will be guided by your seniors. The fact is that you will be scolded, exploited, shouted at, and sometimes fired during your learning phases.


This phase will last just for a year or two, and once you are proficient in a particular programming language, you will be considered a specialized professional for that particular application. Once you will gain that kind of reputation, experience and knowledge, you will be promoted to the next level which can be somewhere near or exactly the Team Leader where you will have to train and guide your juniors. Once you are at this level, you will have decent salary package with some facilities provided by the organization (as per company’s policies) for which you work. The next level might then be the Project Manager where you will have to manage several team leaders. At this position you will be managing multiple projects and designing them as per the requirements collected by your project analysts. While on this position you will be handsomely paid and almost all luxurious facilities (as per company’s policies). You would get these facilities free of cost and your organization would pay for it.

Staying Updated and Live in Programming World

Although it is not at all difficult to reach at the highest level in the programming world, it might be a challenging task for you to remain at that position for a very long time. The reason behind this is that the technology is changing very fast and almost after every 6 or 12 months a new and updated language is introduced in the market. As a senior person, if you want to retain your position for a long time, you must learn the new languages, especially the ones in which you are specialized, so that you can set an example for your team members and can also guide them if required.

Whatsoever the language may be, the fact still remains the same that the logics to develop applications using any programming language are identical. However, keywords or syntax may differ according to the language that you may select.

Final Word

Right from your learning phase till your expertise level, in programming world, you must always keep yourself updated and must always have the tendency to learn and adapt the new programming languages and the organizational cultures.

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