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Dated: Apr. 14, 2012

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The most popular application of computer monitoring software is on office networks in a business establishment, where each workstation is actively monitored to see how the employees spend their entire work day.

Business applications of computer monitoring software essentially draw its basic function from the principle that increasing the potential productivity could generate a more positive flow in business. In a sense, the computer monitoring software here is regarded as a "performance balancer", by keeping an eye on employees and making sure that they are doing their jobs well.

But is this really the only application where we could use the computer monitoring software to balance things out? Because we, for once, believe that such tracking systems could also be used efficiently in non-formal environments, such as in a regular household.

Considerations for a Home Network Spying System

Network MonitoringWhat is the basic difference between an office network and a home network? Well, home networks would obviously be a lot simpler and smaller. Home networks have much fewer units connected to the system, but each unit can almost be any electronic device (tablet, smartphone, netbook, etc.), as long as it could communicate with the network well. Also, the lessened number of units would also indicate that the network would most likely be created in a simple star topology format.

With these basic network characteristics in mind, we could now then form the "build conditions" needed for us to complete the proper setup for the computer monitoring software:

  • The software must be installed on a master device that would not be easily accessed by any other member of the household in any technical way.
  • The master unit must be portable enough to allow for flexibility and remote tracking when you are far from home.
  • You must decide on whether you would want to include your very own devices to the tracked network or not.
  • You must also decide on whether you would also include in the tracked network devices that are made for general or family-use.

Possible Benefits of a Home Network Spying System

Because we are not within a business or corporate environment, the primary purpose of the computer monitoring software would NOT revolve around the idea of increased productivity. Instead, the home network spying system would be used for various data protection and information control purposes, such as:

Remote Malware Checking - You can use the software to check for possible malicious data that are installed or embedded on other units (either preventing it or tracking down the one who started the infection).

Activity Reference - When the computer monitoring software passively collects data, it not only lets you see how the computers are used, but specific information, such as the unit user's preferences can be revealed. You can use this as an effective reference for weekend plans or when thinking up of new household rules.

Secondary Security Breach Detection System - With the computer monitoring software acting as an observer-type cyber security backup, you'll be able to protect each of the units (and possibly their owners as well) within the home network.

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