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Dated: Dec. 15, 2012

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The line of gaming peripheral from Gigabyte Aivia just became richer by a few cleverly designed gadgets.

Aivia Osmium is a keyboard meant for gamers, named after the worlds most dense element, suggesting that the new product is characterized by toughness, but also mass. The mechanical pressure keys don't offer a lot of resistance, and it's very comfortable to use. The keys react after 2 millimeters, and the maximum movement is 4 millimeters. The keys have a back lighting, which is customized by a little wheel in the top area, next to the sound control wheel. On the left side of the control area there is 5 macro keys, essential for gaming. You can use a driver to assign a certain function to each one of them, and you saves up to 5 different profiles if you are playing multiple games. The gaming, and also any longer typing, is made easier by the palm support that can be simply taken off, but we were a bit bothered by it's dimensions that make keyboard look to big.

The users will surely be delighted with the headphone and microphone ports, as by the extra 3.0 USB port that need a direct link to a certain connection on the motherboard. Because of that the keyboard connection cable, which is protected by a sheath, is pretty bulky and ends with two gold – plated USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) and 2, also gold – plated stereo bananas for audio components. Despite the large mass and dimensions, the Osmium keyboard is very stable on a flat surface, thanks to excellent rubber supports of an adjustable height.

Gigabyte Aivia

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium

Key type: mechanical

Key lifetime: 50 million presses

Maximum key movement: 4 mm

Movement until reaction: 2 mm

Interface: USB 2.0

Dimensions: 454*257*45 mm

Mass: 1500 g

Cable length: 2 m

The Aivia Krypton is a gamer mouse with an adjustable chassis, which is a term that the manufacturer uses to mark the bottom surface of the mouse. You may be asking yourself why would somebody want to change the bottom of their mouse. The answer is in the supports that Gigabyte offers in two versions. The first one is the standard teflon support that the manufacturer characterized as suitable for maximum precision and absolute control, while the other one is made out of ceramic that allows quick and easy movements. We should also mention the laser sensor of a maximum resolution of 8200 DPI, that can be easily adjusted using the key behind the wheel. The balance and mass of the mouse can also be adjusted using a weight (1.8 g or 5.3 g) that can be distributed on ten different positions on the mouse, and they come as a part the supporting package.

When it comes to the ergonomics, Gigabyte has made sure that the mouse doesn't slide from your hand by using rubberized plastic on the contact surface. That is still not enough to satisfy all the criteria of the design, because the Krypton is still to big for the average hand, only users with bigger hands will be satisfied. It can be used by both right handed and left handed gamers, and the corresponding set of extra keys can be activated by pressing both profile change keys for 3 seconds.

Gigabyte Aivia Krypton
Interface: USB
Type of the sensor: laser
Sensor resolution : 8200 dpi
Amount of inserted memory: 32 KB
Cable length: 1,8 m
Mass: from 110 to 149 g

With a quality mouse goes a quality mousepad, so Gigabyte created the Krypton Mat. The mousepad has been developed side by side with the Aivia Krypton mouse. Both sides of the mouse pad can be used. One side is coated with textile, meant for precision, while the other one is coated with PVC, and it enables quick movement during virtual combat. The mousepad gets its stability from a rubber frame that covers 3 out of the 4 sides of the pad. That can be a problem though because when you are playing a video game that requires fast movement you can get blocked by that rubber. Gigabyte should have ensured stability in a different way. The surfaces of the pad are well designed and fulfill their purpose.

Gigabyte Krypton Mat

Dimensions: 425*287*6 mm

Gigabyte has shown the new Aivia family members that it can offer quality solutions of advanced design, and even innovative characteristics.

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