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Dated: Aug. 30, 2013

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The report on spending on web network advertising - AdEx Benchmark 2012, which is annually published by IAB Europe, confirmed that 2012 was very successful when it comes to this industry, as it is the first time it surpassed the value of spending on advertising in print.

, in collaboration with IHS published a report AdEx Benchmark 2012 - A guide for spending on online advertising in Europe. This year, the report found remarkable results in favor of online network advertising, which at the European level grew by 11.5% despite the biggest economic crisis in the field of advertising since 2009.

Spending on online network advertising in the 2012 overtook for the first time investment in advertising in the printed media, with which the Internet has become the second biggest media by value in Europe.

Internet as a media more than twice increased its share of spending on media advertising since 2006 when the first AdEx Benchmark study was published. Today it makes 25.6% (€ 24.3bn) of total spending on advertising compared with the 10.3% (€ 9.4bn) recorded in 2006.

"Overall, our sector has maintained a strong position," said Kimon Zorbas, CEO of IAB Europe, adding, "The growth of the market continues at an impressive rate, especially when compared to the overall state of the economy. An even more significant increase was noted in the markets of Central-Eastern Europe, indicating the huge development potential of the region. "network advertising

The path of industrial development in online advertising points to a fundamental shift in terms of global advertising strategy. Strong growth in 2012 can be attributed to the increase in the number and variety of online consumer and the variety of the offered solutions for online advertising, particularly in the area of mobile and video formats, which change the structure and dynamics of the market.

A study for the year 2012 quantifies these emerging trends, showing the exponential growth of mobile display advertising of 78.3%, which is due to the expressed needs of consumers using mobile and tablet devices, as well as video formats. Mobile display ad formats now account for 5% (€ 392m) of the total online display market in Europe.

"AdEx Benchmark report helps advertisers understand how to most effectively convey your message in the context that is relevant for consumers," says Zorbas, adding, "in order to better respond to market needs, next year we plan to expand our AdEx report by offering additional data and commercial analysis."

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