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Dated: Jan. 29, 2010

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by Vishal Ingole

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YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload as well as share videos. Almost 200 million user’s logon to the website daily to share and watch videos posted on YouTube. Registered user of the website can upload personal videos to this website and allow other users to view their videos online.

But do you know that you can also download videos from YouTube and watch them later without any internet connectivity. Earlier, all the videos on YouTube were in flash video format, which were of poor quality and were not compatible with other devices. However, visitors can now watch and share videos in different formats like high definition, mp4 and other popular format.

Not only videos, users can also rip mp3 audio from any video and listen to them on their iPod, computers or any other portable music device. You can later convert this mp3 files to relevant formats and listen to them on devices of your choice. The process is quiet simple and can be done with few clicks. Follow the procedure given below to download videos and mp3’s from YouTube -

Essential Links

  • Link to YouTube website –
  • For downloading video downloader (all formats) –
  • For downloading mp3 downloader –
  • Audio and video convertor (optional)

How to Download Videos and MP3s from YouTubeStep by Step Guide

Important – We are assuming that your computer has audio and video capabilities. Also, it is assumed that you have a working high speed internet connection.  

Step 1 – Download Required Programs

You cannot download video or mp3’s directly from YouTube. However, this can be done with the help of freely available programs on the internet. To initiate the downloading process, for video downloader and for mp3 downloader. Do not forget to save the files on locations which are easy to find.

Step 2 – Install the Programs

Both these programs are free from any sort of malware and are safe to be opened. Once the programs have been downloaded, install them by simply double clicking on them. Installation gets completed within few seconds and now you are ready to download your favorite video or mp3.

Step 3 – Locate Your Favorite Video or MP3

The next step is to locate the video or mp3 that you wish to download. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera) and type in the address bar of the browser. This will lead you to YouTube. On the homepage of the website, there is a textbox, where you can enter a keyword to search your video or mp3. Once you have located the relevant file, open the video in a separate window. Copy the address of this video from address bar of your browser.

Step 6 - Download the video or MP3

Start the relevant program (video downloader or mp3 downloader) and paste the copied address in the address bar of the program. If you are downloading videos, do not forget to choose which type of video you want to download. Click on the Start button and wait for the download to be completed.

Tip: You can download HD videos only if the user has uploaded HD video on YouTube. In such cases, just go for mp4 formats.

Step 7 – Store and Convert Files

After downloads are complete, transfer them to desired device for watching or listening. If the downloaded file is not supported by your device, use an appropriate media format convertor.

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Nurettin's Comment
Son of a gun, this is so hpelufl!
12 Sat Jan 2013
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James's Comment
you could also do this with nested if's right? I feel more cmrofotable doing it that way. For example if else, if else, if else right? Not sure off the top of my head exact code would like though.
15 Sun Jul 2012
Admin's Reply:

James I think you commented on a different article here.

Kamaldeep's Comment
@silverpizza100 ANSI C is used in all major operating sytesm and in embedded sytesms. C++ is used in most operating sytesms as well as video game consoles and major games. It's for high quality, fast programs and embedded software. ANSI C is easier to learn than C++, so I suggest starting there. A good book is called The C Programming Language, Google it and type K R with it, those are the authors.
15 Sun Jul 2012
Admin's Reply:

Here's a link to that book: /engine/14b5826a/C-Programming-Tutorial-%28K/R-Ver.-4%29

Mikaela's Comment
that designing a gui in C++ is done with the Windows API. But this is the dirty way of doing it. if you are using C++ Builder then it's smiply dragging and dropping controls on a form and writing code of how each control should respond through events. Visual Studio also has such editor C# maybe also for C++. you could also use a library like wxWidgets with and edit the GUI with wxFormBuilder. But the best that is out there is probably QT Creator which is a complete IDE.
12 Thu Jul 2012
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naweed's Comment
you can find how to download videos from youtube
06 Fri Apr 2012
Admin's Reply:

We can't get into it in detail, but there various Firefox extensions as well as various online apps that allow video's to be saved on your desktop.

Shaho's Comment
Another easy way to download from youtube is to add "link"before the source address. It requires that you have installed java. Here is a exapel: You find a video / music file on youtube Then Removing http://www. and add "link" as here / watch? v = IZBLNCUigrk & feature = related Now you get 2 or 3 options to download, such as
21 Fri Jan 2011
Admin's Reply:

Shaho is correct. There are various newer ways to do this in Firefox as well. 

Pawan Sharma's Comment
Cool .....
26 Thu Aug 2010
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Thanks Pawan.

Steven's Comment
thank s for the steps. it really helps but i want to know if these downloaders are safe?
05 Fri Mar 2010
Admin's Reply:

yes absolutely, mostly downloads with .exe extensions may affect your computer, so keep an eye on it.

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It is too best site for IT related person as me. I like this very much...
13 Sat Feb 2010
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Thanks Kishan, I really appreciate your wonderful comment .

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its a gud site for IT related person
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