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Dated: Mar. 19, 2012

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Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network ConnectionsDid you recently find out that after your PC starts up fresh, your internet doesn't work? So you probably tried everything and the only thing that seems to work is to disable the "Local Area Connection" (adapter), and then to enable it back again. At least that's what happened to me.

I've had this problem for almost a year now but I finally want it stop. All the resources online tell me that it's probably my network driver that may need an update. Well, all my drivers are updated, and the problem still remains. Now What? Okay, I'll be honest... I don't know why it happens but 1 out of every 10 or 12 PC's will come across this problem.

Also, it's perfectly fine if you're used to disabling/enabling your adapter via the Network & Sharing Center. And if it doesn't bother at the least. This solution below is for those of us who are sick of doing that minor task at every pc startup.


Here's the only way I've come to make my life easier. It's not gonna get rid of the cause but it'll give you an instant gratification nonetheless.

  1. Just create a batch file. I simply named mine "disable-enable-internet.bat".
  2. Paste these two liners in the .bat file:
    netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" DISABLED
    netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" ENABLED
  3. And place it in your start up folder.

Restart your PC and see if it works. One thing to note here is that, it will only work if your default adapter is named Local Area Connection. If not, just swap "Local Area Connection" to "whatever". It works with me on a Windows 7 Pro. I'm sure it'll work on XP and Vista as well.

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