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Dated: Feb. 01, 2013

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Yesterday we wrote the first article about how video games affect our lives. This is part two of that article.

Negative Effects

A common way of thinking amongst the participants was that we shouldn’t expect video games to make a maniac or a killer from a kid that doesn’t have other negative influences or risk factors. Still, in a child that has been born with certain risk factors or one who has already got some, excessive aggressive video game playing can significantly improve the odds of that child developing aggression.

Early studies have shown that excessive use of Internet (and video games as well) caused some social behavior changes, increased aggression, isolation, lack of attention and depressive behavior. New studies not only confirm the alleged issues, but widen the list with several serious disorders that are linked with heavy addiction. A few psychiatric diagnoses such as depressive neurosis, bipolar psychosis, attention disorder, hyperactivity and anxious neurosis.

There are some cases that video game addictions ended tragically, and they happened in Taiwan and South Korea. An angry mother, who played an online video game, choked her two year old kid because it asked to if he could eat. In another case, a 13 year old son beat his mother to death because she said he played to much video games. An equally shocking story is this one, it is about a couple who played video games so much, their 30 month year old daughter died of starvation.

ADHDThe influence of video games on our development doesn’t always have to be that dramatic. First, fast action games increase a chance of getting ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), that manifests itself by impulsive behavior and in difficulty performing daily tasks. Secondly, spending time and energy lessen the ability of social contacts, as well as educational and professional activities. Thirdly, aggressive video games lessen the ability of compassion and understanding other people as well as increasing selfishness and encourage asocial behavior. Fourthly, it is likely that sleep disorders, un regular meals, lack of activity and hygiene neglect will appear. And as the fifth point, video games can cause addiction that is certainly a trigger for various neurological problems.

Advice To Parents

Even experts find themselves in trouble when friends ask them what to do against their children playing video games too much. Is it a good thing, will the bans be effective or will they fail? What to do when you go to the park, your child sits on a swing and takes out their phone to play video games?

There is not a standardized answer to these questions, it seems that the only right answer is, it depends. Of course, there is no point in not allowing your kid to use modern technology, but you should watch as technology eats away and rules your kid either. Creativity is always welcome, and so it is when approaching this problem.

If a childs commitment to video games is too big and it is followed with isolation and aggressive reactions when trying to make conversation, then there is certainly a deeper issue that might even need advice from a psychologist. The worst case happens when it comes to addiction, because then that would be assign that the whole family is dysfunctional, because like in every addiction, you should cure not only the child, but the whole family. Experts know very well how this is done.

The world is not black and white, it is colorful, and the best attitude is not to make decisions based on strict rules, but by feelings. In this case, the feeling is most important.

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