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Dated: Sep. 09, 2004

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PHP Programming

OK guys, this script is a simple file based counter. This is meant for sites that do not run a db and instead, use a file and a cookie. It isn't the best I've seen but it's simple. Consider this as a tutorial.

Just create a file called counter.txt and put this where you want to display the counter.

Remember to set the permissions on counter.txt so that your webserver can write to the file.

$visitor_ip = $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["user_ip"];
$counter = "counter.txt";
$counter_file_line = file($counter);

setcookie("user_ip", $REMOTE_ADDR, time()+360000);
$cf = fopen($counter, "w+");
fputs($cf, "$counter_file_line[0]");Flat File Counter
elseif($vistor_ip != $REMOTE_ADDR)
$cf = fopen($counter, "w+");
fputs($cf, "$counter_file_line[0]");

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