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Dated: Jan. 25, 2013

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The confirmed price of the Surface Pro Tablet
For all those that thought that the limited Surface RT Tablet from Microsoft wasn’t a good enough solution, the information came that this company will make the Surface Pro version available February 9th. This device will use the Windows 8 operational system. Rumors have been spreading about the price of this Tablet, and they turned out to be true. This Tablet will be available at the price of $899 for the 64 GB version, while the 128 GB version will cost $999. It will be available with the Core i5 processor.

Nikon announces the Image Space service
for exchanging pictures that will be active from the 28th of January 2013. The successor to the Picturetown service of the Japanese company will be open for everybody, although the users of the Nikon device will be able to make upgrades of their accounts to a special account with improved storage and advanced characteristics completely free. The basic version will give users 2 GB of online storage space. The owners of the Nikon device that upgrade their accounts will get an extra 20 GB of storage space and the option to protect their pictures and limit downloads if they upgrade through a special dedicated verification application.

Cooler Master SeidonCooler Master Seidon 120XL/240M
Cooler Master has announced an advanced series of the Cooler Master Seidon Liquid Cooling System – the Seidon 120XL/240M. The Sedion 120XL and 240M and water blocks of high performances that are built from one piece of copper with special micro canals that maximize the dispersion of heat. The integrated combination of the pump+water block helps with saving precious space around the CPU socket while it secures performance and reliability that is similar to air based coolers. With the speed of circulation at 600 to 2400 rpm, and with two 120 mm PWM fans this system offers a lot of options for balancing between performance and minimal noise when it comes to the needs of the users.

Watch out for fake Java updates
After they recently published information about security weak points in Java, the creators of malware have launched a new way of exploiting Java by publishing fake updates that look like legitimate upgrades for this runtime. The latest version of Java runtime that fixes recent weak spots was the update number 11, while Kaspersky Lab reported that a new malware has appeared that says it’s name is Java Update 11 and it is packed as an java archive called „javaupdate11.jar“ and it contains two Windows executables called up1.exe“ and „up2.exe“. When opened these programs open they can command and control a server.

Surface Pro comes on the 9th of February
Microsoft has announce that the Surface Pro Tablet will arrive in the stores on the 9th of February. Unlike the Surface RT Tablet, the Pro version will be able to run any windows program. The Surface Pro model has an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and can be bought with 64 GB of space for $899 or with 128 GB for the price of $999. This model can be also bought with the touch screen and the Surface Pen and with the magnetic placement of the charge port. There is also a new collection of extras coming with this Tablet.

A new placement of pixels in small Amoled panels
Samsung Display is working on the development of a new pixel placement to use in their upcoming AMOLED screens of small size with the goal of increasing the resolution. It is said that the pixels will be placed in a diamond shape or a hexagonal shape and that it will increase the resolution to more than 440 ppi, which is really hard to achieve using the current placement of pixels. The planned panels will be made by using the LITI technology and they will be used in the new Samsung Galaxy S4 phones, that will have the greatest resolution on the market.

Google native Client for Chromebook
Google has finished the version of their Native Client programing technology that spans beyond the x86 PC processor in the world of ARM chips. Native Client is designed so it enables programmers to easily adopt the C or C++ software that are written for the main software so they can be started as a part of Web applications. It is designed for high performance but it also got safety mechanisms that are built in to stop malicious software. The first version of the NaCl worked only on personal computer that used Intel or AMD x86 chips, while this version can also use ARM chips.

DRAM market expects a growth
After two years in a row where a drop was noted, the DRAM market has a chance to double it’s growth in 2013. But, the greatest risk that endangers something like this is a continuous weakening on the PC market that could easily burry the idea of a market growth. It is predicted that DRAM could generate over 30 billion dollars of profit this year, which is 14% more than last year. This is the first year that the DRAM market expects income growth in the last two years.

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