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Dated: Feb. 28, 2013

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There is no dilemma anymore that the Internet influence in todays society is enormous. His use has spread on all spheres of our lives.

What eventually became one of the most significant advantages of the Internet is the possibility of simple access to any information placed on any computer attached to this global network. We can access the information that we need in various ways, from searching on the Web, to downloading complete files, even the ones that are pretty large.

This text should help the enlightening of the dilemma about downloading files from the Internet and to give you short instructions on how to do it.

We need a program that shares data with other computers so we could download anything from the Internet. Using this program enables us to share an e-book, music, films, TV shows with anybody else who has this program. The general name for this program is torrent, and the most famous amongst them are µTorrent and BitTorrent.

How the torrent principle works

There are files with a extension .torrent that are placed on servers from which it is possible to directly download them. In that file are the information that is necessary to the torrent program. Unlike the .torrent files the content that you want to download is not on the server but on the computers of other users of torrent. Those users can share that content amongst them.

How to Start?

TorrentFirst, download some of the following torrent programs from the Internet:

After this, start it, but don’t be afraid of its looks. It is not difficult to manipulate mostly because the largest number options won’t be necessary to use.

How to Find?

Now you have to get the desired .torrent file that points to the wanted content. As mentioned, that file is on a site that is available to everybody. The most popular are:

When you open one of these sites, you will see that it looks like Google, or that the central place of that Internet page is the search bar, but in this case it finds .torrent files. Type in anything you want whether it is an application, music, a film. This will help to make the search more accurate.

When the results are shown you should eliminate the bad results. Look at the name that fits what you were searching because it is possible that a wrong result has been shown. When you find the desired name look at the SE column (seeder number) and the LE (Leecher number).  If you don’t do that you may not be able to download your content.

The seeder represents the number of users that have 100% of that content and that will enable you to download, and the Leecher represents the number of users that has 0-99.99% and are also downloading like you, but is also uploading that that he has downloaded. It is good to have a larger number of seeders than lechers to make the download a fast as possible. 

How to Download?

µTorrentWhen you find the desired .torrent click on its name and look at the comments. Does everybody tell it is a virus or something else? If that is the case, it is not desirable to download those files.


After that click on ‘Download this torrent’ and on your HDD you will save this file at approximately 20KB. A double click on this file will start the torrent program that you have and it will ask you for a confirmation. Click OK to start the download. µTorrent gives plenty of info about your download.

Now you just have to let the content download and the program will also give you the time it will take to download it. Have a little patience until the work is done and then enjoy the joy of the new content.


1. To make the download faster, it is recommended not to actively use the Internet for other demanding thing (YouTube etc.)


1. On almost every torrent there is a comment that says it is fake, but it is possible that this is not the case.

2. You will notice that the torrent doesn’t get to maximum speed on the start so give it a little time to get rolling. Be patient.

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