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Dated: Oct. 19, 2004

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What people need is a one stop computer expert and that's practically impossible to find.

Today what happens is that people go to a computer expert and they find that they can either go to an expert in hardware, in software, in sales, or support. The sales guy is usually very friendly, pleasant, and nice but he doesn't know anything about the computer itself. He'll send you on to what he calls the tech staff.

The sales guy knows enough about the product to impress people. He also has all of the right papers and a wonderful computer on his desk in order to be able to impress people as well. He may even know enough about the competition to badmouth them. Beyond that he doesn't have to really know that much. His job ends once he has sold the computer or the software.

The hardware guy does not really have a very difficult job. Either he buys prepackaged computers, in which case he has very little to do or else he assembles the computers from parts or upgrades them which again means the simple job of swapping out one part and swapping in another part.

The software guy requires the most knowledge. It's his job to get the software to do what you want it to do and he has to have quite a bit of knowledge and experience in order to be able to tweak the system to get it to do just what the customer wants or to be able to handle problems.

Computer expert

The support staff has to know very little. Basically, if the computer doesn't work the support staff has certain basic things to be able to explain to the customer and if not then he simply explains to the customer how to return the computer or the part to the company in order to exchange it. As far as software, the support staff can do very little beyond the absolute basics.

In some cases as in more advanced systems the support staff has a program that can take over the customer's computer and then the support staff does require more knowledge in order to be able to repair the system, but if there is anything beyond a certain level of competence he again arranges for the computer to be repaired by experts.

It sounds like there really are no experts out there beyond their own little niche and within their niche the people don't interact with each other and don't know what others have to do. If that is the feeling that you got from reading this you are absolutely correct.

What is needed is a one stop computer expert - one who can advise you about which computer to buy for your own needs and not one to impress you and how to deal with all of the ins and outs of your purchase thereafter so that you are a happy and satisfied customer.

There are very few such people around but those who do help you are well worth the price that they charge. They may be expensive but it is worth the investment. They are the only ones who can give you real service and help.

This is unusual.

In most other cases you would want to go to a specialist rather than to someone who has a broader knowledge. You would assume that a specialist has a deeper knowledge and this is what is needed and in most cases that is correct. In the medical field, for example, you would want to go to a specialist for the specific problem that you have.

However, the computer industry is different. Its needs are different. Its requirements are different and the people who have to help you have different needs and in the computer industry its needs are different, its requirements are different and the people who have to help you have different needs and in the computer industry it is more important to have a broader knowledge than to have the deeper knowledge.

Of course, this also assumes that the person with the broader knowledge the one stop computer expert also has the resources to be able to determine anything that needs to be understood in a more deep way so that in the computer industry you do not lose out by having a person who has a broader knowledge.

That is because with computers it is more important to be able to see the big picture to be able to act accordingly. That is the only way to give you the service that you need and to get around the problem of everybody blaming everybody else when there is a problem.

And that is precisely what happens most of the time. The hardware guy blames the software guy. The software guy blames the hardware guy. And you are stuck in the middle because you really don't know and you have nobody to turn to.

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