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Dated: Apr. 05, 2013

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Thumbnail is a reduced display based on which you can have insight in the content that is represented through it. The etymology of the name is connected to the human nail on the thumb, which was used in the 19 Century not only for small drawings, but also for everything concise, for example a text written in a summarized manner. There is evidence that that word was first used in this meaning in the 17 century. In the last century, more precisely the 80’, the thumbnail became a term that refers to a preview of a graphic format on computers.

How come that we need to make thumbnails on the computer – doesn’t Windows show them while we travel through windows and directories? The term thumbnail in this case may need to be expanded with the term preview. In that way, a painter or photographer can have preview little images of works on their representative site. They can find it very important to make those little images stylistically beautiful. The effect of that is that they need to fairly larger than the default Windows thumbnail. Besides helping the authors keep visitors on their site, the thumbnail will make their decision easier whether they want to enlarge the image, with no need to do it in the case of negative answer and with that save time needed for opening the images.
3D Thumbnail GeneratorThe 3D Thumbnail Generator will make sure that your thumbnails are not just a copies of the original in very small form. There is always the possibility that the artist knows well the 2D and 3D programs, which he can use to create effects of the program we are analyzing currently. The creation of artistic thumbnails in 2D technique can be quick, but it is mission impossible if you want to place them in different perspectives in space. Again, the 3D programs do not have such specialized tools which they can use to simply deform the model of the image for the preview, and making the object of the image can take time. Not to mention the time necessary to master these programs in the case you are a non-swimmer in the graphic waters.
The 3D Thumbnail Generator places the image in a frame so you can fold it like a card that you took with your hand and held it by the shorter sides. You can adjust the width, thickness of its frame, cut the corners in several ways, add reflection, glow around the frame, move it across the scene, change the color of the background, choose the type of shading. All these settings can be saved so you can use them on multiple sets of images in the same time. In the blink of an eye you get interesting preview images for you needs. You can protect them with a watermark, which may be unusual if you look at the fact that the resulting image will only be used for the preview of the original one. The resulted thumbnails can be saved in one of the few classic graphic formats.
The program is not very complicated, so even if you aren’t very dexterous on the computer, you should be able to work in it with no difficulties. It will not be a must in everybody’s software collection, except artists and those who want to experiment and turn their image into one that in bent in space.

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